Mike Novosel

Mike Novosel

Vice President,
Ad Partnerships,

Our sales teams have seen a 40% reduction in time spent researching accounts, and we rely on InsideView as our primary source of data with all the necessary insights, industry news, and key financials all in one place.


Financial Services Software


Atlanta, GA


Cardlytics was looking for an automated solution to increase sales efficiency. Stale data was limiting their ability to properly understand their best customers, and a lack of clean records was cluttering their CRM with too many duplicates and incomplete account fields.


A seamless onboarding experience enabled the sales team to be up and running within a week, with access to InsideView’s comprehensive database of 19M companies. The Sales and Marketing teams now rely on InsideView as their primary source of data.


The sales team can now easily research key events, industry news, insights, and financials all in one place. They’ve already seen a 9% increase in sales productivity, as they no longer have to visit different websites to research accounts or manually update their CRM, and 40% reduction in time spent researching accounts.