Armanino boosts CRM adoption by 50% and grows CRM practice with InsideView Insights

Armanino LLP is the largest independent accounting and business consulting firm in California, serving private, public, and non-profit organizations in more than 100 countries around the world.  The success of their CRM practice hinges on client adoption and productivity gains, so they are always on the lookout for ideas and solutions that will help them drive these metrics.  They found what they were looking for in Insights, powered by InsideView.

Armanino’s challenges included:

Drive CRM adoption,
both internally and for clients
Get more value
out of their CRM investment and replicate the same for clients
Streamline and increase
sales effectiveness

InsideView Insights embeds within Microsoft Dynamics 365 all the data and intelligence sellers and marketers need to prospect and win deals.  It provides real-time company and contact data, insights such as news, social buzz, financial reports, industry profiles, family trees, and more, and professional connections.

Armanino sales reps use it to research prospects, identify and prioritize the most promising opportunities, and quickly connect with the right decision-makers.  After just three months of use, the reps had reduced their pre-call research time by 24% and dramatically improved their ability to find the right decision-makers.  Where 60% thought it was somewhat or very difficult to find the right decision-maker before using InsideView, 80% reported that it was somewhat or very easy to do so now.

Armanino’s results using InsideView included:


Increased CRM adoption by 50%


Reduced time and effort to find the right decision-makers


Reduced time spent on pre-call research by 24%