Balihoo Cleans Up with InsideView, Sweeping Away Dirty Data on Their Way to a 400% ROI

Balihoo is the premier provider of automated marketing software for hyper-local campaigns. They enable their customers to win by delivering unique marketing intelligence through the combination of technology and data. Being experts in both of those areas, they naturally looked to InsideView to provide their sales and marketing teams with equally powerful market intelligence.

Balihoo’s challenges included:

Data from their existing business data service lacked the quality and depth they expected, and didn’t provide enough coverage across industries.

Marketing longed for more accurate targeting, so they needed a way to clean existing data while also validating and enriching incoming leads.

Without good data, their sales team was forced to devote too much time researching dubious prospects and prepping for calls.

Balihoo’s first big task with InsideView was a major CRM data cleanup project in late 2013, and the results exceeded expectations. The effort created a solid data foundation for Balihoo’s marketing and sales campaigns, and gave the teams additional confidence as they engaged with leads.

With InsideView’s easy one-click connections to their existing CRM and marketing automation systems, Balihoo’s sales reps now quickly create lists based on actionable insights and focused criteria, combining the typical title, company size, and location attributes, but now go further and adding time-relevant insights, such as expansions, funding, and acquisitions.

Balihoo’s results using InsideView included:


Over 400% ROI in the first year


Dramatically reduced prospecting and research times


85% of new leads are incomplete, but are now instantly cleaned and enriched

“The scope and quality of InsideView’s data is unmatched in any similar solution that we’ve found.”
– Amanda Cash-Crowley, Marketing Technology Manager