CallRail Expands Reach to New Look-a-like Businesses

CallRail provides call analytics to data-driven marketers so they can improve customer acquisition. Delivering intuitive self-service software to businesses that care about phone calls, CallRail enables smart marketers to know what makes their phone ring.

CALLRAIL’s challenges included:

Understanding the total addressable market

Identifying industries and sub-industry classifications

Increasing reach to various market segments

CallRail tracks phone calls from online and offline marketing campaigns, and provides insight into which campaigns are working best. In a similar manner, InsideView helps CallRail understand its customer base and provides insights into its highest performing market segments. Using InsideView’s comprehensive industry coverage and classifications, CallRail was able to solidify its go-to-market strategy and confidently begin expansion into new market segments.

CALLRAIL’s results using InsideView included:

Expanded market to new target accounts based on look-a-like modeling, enabling CallRail to aggressively go to market with competitive value offerings that are relevant for target markets

Improved marketing campaign effectiveness with increased email deliverability and conversion rates for nurture campaigns, and gained improved performance on inbound lead channel

Built strong data foundation between sales and marketing with more aligned data handoffs within a common revenue department.

InsideView uses large-scale services via Amazon Web Services to power real-time targeting intelligence for thousands of clients. AWS autoscaling and redundancy capabilities provide InsideView and our customers with a reliable and dynamic system that can adapt to the demanding needs of the modern age, easily updating millions of data records every day.

“InsideView gives us a very unique ability to identify organizations using their AI algorithm and proprietary classification system. We can now find market segments that were difficult to identify in other ways, and the volume of data enables us to vastly increase our reach. We can also aggressively go-to-market with competitive value offerings that are relevant for those targeted businesses.”
– David Schroeder, Conversion Optimization Manager, CallRail