Global Facilities Services Company

Builds 60% of Top Pipeline with Intelligent Targeting and Boosts Conversion Rates 33%

Operating in 16 core markets across the globe and serving industries ranging from manufacturing to healthcare, hotels, and more, this customer has focused on providing “a personal touch” to become one of the world’s leading facilities services companies.

Customer’s challenges included:

Mitigate risk in existing accounts  |  Monitor accounts whose contracts were coming up for bid
Develop a highly qualified pipeline  |  Build differentiating value propositions and winning bids
Contracts in the facilities services field are big. They can cover everything from property management to building maintenance, security, food services, cleaning, and the list goes on. It’s easy to understand then how contracts can be worth millions and last for several years, with long sales cycles and complex RFPs.  Engaging buyers early and earning their trust can shape the course of a deal and mean the difference between winning and losing…big!

The customer began looking for real-time social media information about their targets to enrich their core CRM data, information that historically is time consuming and labour intensive to gather. The leader believed that understanding their targets in a more holistic way, i.e. their markets, topics of interest, and pressure points would support better value propositions and give her reps reasons to engage early and often, to build relationships well before contracts were put out to bid.

The customer found what they were looking for with InsideView’s real-time news and social insights embedded inside their CRM, which their reps extend into the field through InsideView’s mobile app. In addition, the team takes advantage of InsideView watchlists that alert them to activity within accounts whose contracts are coming due. Combined, these capabilities enable early, informed engagement that has resulted in a 33% increase in lead conversion rates.

Customer’s results using InsideView included:


60% of top pipeline

now comes from intelligent targeting and early stage engagement, enabled by InsideView
Retention rates and customer lifetime value increased


Conversion ratio jumped 33% from 1:4 to 1:3