For Market Intelligence, JustEnough Finds InsideView is More Than Enough

JustEnough simplifies the complex demand management challenges of some of the world’s leading retail brands, from Levi’s to Abercrombie & Fitch. As they began to expand and refine their marketing tactics, they quickly realized a need for a robust and accurate account and contact database.

JustEnough’s challenges included:

Existing data lacked the detail required to run effective sales and marketing campaigns
Difficulty connecting with the right decision makers in an efficient and repeatable manner
Long web forms resulted in high abandonment rate by website visitors and prevented timely engagement.
After their initial data clean, JustEnough started using InsideView to help with lead generation. Their marketing team used InsideView’s list building functionality to create targeted lists for outbound campaigns, focusing on VP-level contacts within merchandising, replenishment, and demand planning roles.

Now with clean data and accurate lead generation campaigns, JustEnough decided to start using InsideView’s data at the top of the funnel by enriching inbound leads. As more and more information was deemed critical to sales and marketing, their web forms grew longer, which resulted in higher form abandonment rates.

With InsideView Enrich, all incoming leads are now automatically enriched with complete contact and firmographic data as the leads are funneled into Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Since InsideView provides a wide range of data, JustEnough shortened their web forms, increasing the chances that leads will fill out the form and click the all-important “submit” button.

With InsideView, JustEnough quickly increased the quality and depth of their marketing data, boosting the effectiveness of their lead generation efforts. As an added bonus, InsideView’s data enrichment let them reduce their long web forms and turn around a high form abandonment rate.

“We looked at many other data providers, and InsideView is the exact solution that we’d been searching for.”
– Caroline Proctor, Chief Marketing Officer