O’Neal Steel Modernizes Their Approach, Increases Lead Quality, and Accelerates Sales Cycles

O’Neal Steel has been providing metals services for nearly 100 years. As the largest family-owned metals service center in the country with nearly 4,000 employees, O’Neal Steel values traditional, relationship-based selling. Still, they saw that they needed to modernize their approach and utilize available data as they set out to find new customers to propel them into their next 100 years.

O’Neal Steel’s challenges included:

Without lead generation, no new prospects were flowing into the pipeline, limiting revenue growth to existing customers only.
Fragmented prospecting processes were inefficient and drained productivity.
Lack of market insights created blinders that prevented sales from finding new opportunities with existing customers.

To start, O’Neal Steel setup InsideView as the foundation supporting their new lead generation strategy. From there, the team was able to build lead lists based on both demographic data and timely news triggers. New leads were then instantly synced with their existing CRM system.

Beyond just jump-starting their lead generation program, O’Neal Steel turned to InsideView to enrich and qualify incoming and existing leads. With InsideView’s easy integration, every lead that enters their CRM system is automatically enriched and qualified using data and insights from InsideView’s more-than 40,000 sources.

Now, as leads move down the funnel, InsideView monitors accounts through Watchlists that constantly identify timely news events or announcements that can help sales expedite an open opportunity or identify an upsell in an existing account.

O’Neal Steel’s results using InsideView included:

Biggest Account in History ($850M) sourced via InsideView


Lead qualification time reduced by 66%

Marketing-sourced leads grew exponentially
“The efficiency InsideView has enabled our sales team with has been tremendous. We’re no longer wasting time.”
– David Goff, Sales & Marketing Manager