Telecommunications Software Company Optimizes Expansion to New Markets

As a leading provider of cloud customer engagement solutions, this company facilitates more than 14+ billion interactions a year across a multichannel environment. By unifying data across core contact center functions, they deliver a single digital customer engagement platform that helps contact centers navigate and succeed in an increasingly digital environment.

Customer Challenges Included:

Understanding their total addressable market

Discovering additional lookalike companies in adjacent markets

Expanding awareness further in Enterprise segment

This company was interested in accelerating their presence in the Enterprise segment. With InsideView’s breadth of companies and contacts and ability to segment by industries, they gained a better understanding of their whitespace along with a clearer view of the companies in their target markets. InsideView’s AI-based data methodology also gives them the confidence that data is constantly updated, so they always have access to the most reliable company data.


Expanded market by adding new look-a-like companies to nurture funnels based on current customer profiles.
Gained enhanced understanding of whitespace opportunities in adjacent markets, with potential for market expansion.
Created a data-driven innovation group within Technology Operations designed to further improve internal processes.
Enhanced adoption and effectiveness of CRM usage by providing a more accurate, reliable source of truth.
“Access to InsideView’s breadth of companies and industry segmentation data has been game-changing. No other provider could show us the broader white space and the breadth of additional companies that would find immediate benefits of our solutions. InsideView also has a team of people we can count on, providing services on top of data, ensuring we have everything we need to be successful.”
– Sr. Director, Data Driven Innovation