The Sales Process Innovators Get Informed with InsideView

To build one of the fastest-growing sales automation solutions, TopOPPS knew early on that InsideView was crucial to fueling and aligning their lead-to-revenue journey. TopOPPS uses InsideView to provide all of the company and contact data and news, social, and professional insights necessary to inform and align the sales and marketing teams and speed up their lead-to-revenue cycle.

First, the TopOPPS marketing team uses InsideView Target to identify their total addressable market (TAM) by building company and contact lists based on their ideal buyer personas. InsideView Target lets them create filters based on custom criteria, such as geographic location, company size, industry, and even things like selling triggers and connections. Then it generates a comprehensive list of matching prospects. These lists are used for campaigns by marketing or passed to sales so they can immediately focus on the accounts that matter.

The TopOPPS marketing team also uses InsideView Enrich to fill in the blanks in their marketing automation and CRM records. InsideView Enrich scours all existing and incoming lead data to identify missing contact and firmographic information, and then automatically updates CRM records. It lets TopOPPS start every campaign with a clean, accurate list of prospects, and eliminates time wasted reaching out to the wrong contacts or researching bad leads.

Lastly, the TopOPPS sales team uses InsideView Sales to access accurate company and contact data that make it easy for reps to find the right person to call and the right message to pitch. Reps can search by title, find those with recent business events or social updates, or discover relevant conversation starters. They can even find contacts they’re connected with via their own social and professional networks, and it all happens within their existing CRM system.

TopOPPS results using InsideView include:


65% of all leads are sourced from InsideView


was ready on Day 1

CRM was ready with company contact data sourced from InsideView on Day 1 when the company launched


61% of all opportunities are sourced from InsideView

“InsideView helped us easily identify the right executives at the right companies. It allowed us to build a database – and fast – to fill our pipeline with real opportunities.”
– Jim Eberlin, Chief Executive Officer