U.S. Xpress

U.S. Xpress Hitches Up to InsideView and Finds the Road to Deal-driving Insights

U.S. Xpress is the second-largest privately-held truckload carrier in the country, with 6,250 trucks and $1.6 billion in revenue. But with increasing competition, they shifted gears and set out to aggressively grow their customer base through increased efficiency and modern-day sales tactics.

U.S. Xpress’s challenges included:

Highly-competitive market required U.S. Xpress to differentiate and accelerate their outbound sales approach in order to grab buyer attention
Tied to a legacy solution that was limited in depth of information and actually hurt lead gen effectiveness
Consumed too much valuable time and took too many touches to identify and connect with the right decision-makers
U.S. Xpress started at the beginning of the lead-to-revenue cycle, wanting to build better and higher-quality lead lists and pinpoint the right decision-makers at prospects. They had a legacy tool in place, but it didn’t scale across their team and wasn’t providing enough information to be truly transformative. U.S. Xpress rolled out InsideView across their entire organization, not only providing valuable and timely market intelligence, but ensuring that all teams were aligned based on the same insights.

U.S. Xpress quickly saw the value provided by InsideView’s vast market intelligence insights on their target companies. Sales reps jumped on these insights and soon were setting up news alerts, social buzz, and watchlists to understand an opportunity’s business needs — all before their first touch.

U.S. Xpress knew that certain business events clearly signaled the need for more transportation services. By monitoring for mergers, acquisition, openings of new facilities, expanding operations, and other triggers, they went into customer engagements better than their competitors. In a highly-commoditized industry, that extra level of speed-plus-intelligence helps U.S. Xpress stay in the driver’s seat.

U.S. Xpress’s results using InsideView included:

Accelerated deal velocity by dramatically decreasing the time needed to find quality prospects and engage with decision-makers
Saved time researching for relevant sales triggers that signal potential deal opportunities
“InsideView is a tremendous asset. Our sales reps can make a connection with the right lead, in a timely manner, and with background insight to make their outreach relevant.”
– Todd Davis, Director of Sales & Marketing