Welocalize Translates InsideView’s Market Intelligence into Faster Lead Engagements

Welocalize is a global company of over 600 people breaking new ground in translating communications. It’s a business that requires deep cultural understanding to translate what’s between the lines as well as what’s on the page. But, as they transitioned to a new sales structure, lead and client insights were lost in translation…until they found InsideView.

WeLocalize’s challenges included:

The top of their lead-to-revenue funnel–finding target companies and contacts–was choked by manual research and static lead lists.
Without a single source of market intelligence, lead qualification was a slow, uneven, and unreliable process.
Sales had limited lead insights, so finding engagement opportunities and understanding the lead’s business was nearly impossible.
InsideView Sales lives within your existing CRM system, enhancing the processes that you’ve already created and embedding market intelligence into every step of your lead-to-revenue journey. It puts the most accurate lead data, business insights, and social connections at your fingertips, helping you find the right people and the best way to engage with them. It’s how Welocalize was able to optimize their sales process and focus on closing more deals.

InsideView enables Welocalize to build lists based on criteria that best fits with their valuable communications translation services, which in their case is company size and geographic reach. They then use InsideView to identify individuals in roles most likely to need translation services, such as localization, marketing, procurement, and documentation. The lists are then passed to their sales teams, who start reaching out.

Welocalize wanted a single solution that streamlined their lead-to-revenue journey and helped them scale their business under their new sales structure. Putting valuable lead and client insights at the fingertips of both sales and marketing was critical. Research now begins and ends with InsideView, eliminating time wasted on manual research and speeding insights to the sales reps as they engage with leads. InsideView has given Welocalize the ability to create target company and contact lists, and then find new leads, qualify them, and quickly uncover conversation starters

InsideView uses large-scale services via Amazon Web Services to power real-time targeting intelligence for thousands of clients. AWS autoscaling and redundancy capabilities provide InsideView and our customers with a reliable and dynamic system that can adapt to the demanding needs of the modern age, easily updating millions of data records every day.

“Now that we’ve seen the power, we couldn’t live without InsideView.”
– Monique Nguyen, Director of Business Development