Zuora Converts 20% More Leads with Market Intelligence

Zuora’s next-generation commerce platform has been enabling the subscription economy since 2007. But before InsideView, its marketing database was full of incomplete and inaccurate leads that hindered sales and marketing productivity.

Zuora’s challenges included:

Incomplete and inaccurate data records which slowed the conversion of leads to opportunities

Long web forms that created a barrier to prospect engagement

The need to quickly generate more leads to meet revenue goals

Zuora’s marketing team knew large portions of their database were inaccurate, so the first order of business was having InsideView Clean evaluate and clean their existing customer database to improve accuracy. Next Zuora leveraged InsideView Enrich to automatically fill in incomplete contact and company data to close the information gaps in incoming leads.

With a reliable solution in place for completing lead records, Zuora’s marketing team was able to reduce the number of web form fields, which increased completion rates and the number of new leads. Because InsideView works alongside their marketing automation system, Zuora’s newly enriched leads were accurately scored, routed, and nurtured. With a stronger marketing workflow, an uptick in Zuora’s campaign performance followed suit.

Zuora’s results using InsideView included:


Lead-to-opportunity conversion rate increased by 68%


Lead records enriched at 80% frequency


MQL-to-SQL rate increased by 20%