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Customer Case Study

The first go-to-market decision engine that helps you own the world that matters

Companies that outgrow their competition have one thing in common. They identify new market opportunities that fit their strengths, then flawlessly execute a go-to-market strategy.

How will you identify your next growth market to capture? Will you spend months manually gathering data and analyzing it, while missing the best opportunities and leaving the door open to competitors? Or will you consider a more effective approach?

InsideView Apex enables you to visualize your market and discover growth opportunities quickly and easily. It empowers you to make strategic decisions and equips you with the right information to execute your go-to-market plan with confidence.

Leading companies who exceeded their revenue goals are 3.3x more likely to regularly review their target market.1.

53%of companies surveyed do not regularly assess their target market.Improved marketing campaign effectiveness with increased email deliverability and conversion rates for nurture campaigns, and gained improved performance on inbound lead channel.

PLAN: Explore new markets to drive your go-to-market strategy

InsideView Apex breaks down data silos and eliminates manual processes.

  • Define your ideal customer profile (ICP) with our easy wizard
  • Visualize new/adjacent segments or territories and perform “what if” analyses to sharpen your targeting
  • Map your existing customer and prospect data against InsideView’s external market data to understand and size your target addressable market (TAM)
  • Analyze your market penetration, see white space opportunities, and export new accounts and contacts to execute targeted sales and marketing campaigns today

EXECUTE: Align revenue teams to target the best opportunities

InsideView Apex removes the typical silos and enables strong go-to-market execution

  • Build account based marketing (ABM) lists that focus on your top priority accounts first
  • Tag targeted accounts and leads within your sales and marketing tools* to align your revenue teams around your strategy
  • Uncover additional look-alike accounts that closely match the characteristics of your ICPs, leveraging InsideView’s AI-based predictive modeling
  • Prescribe actions for each ABM, ICP, or market segment to drive desired outcomes.

WIN: Track performance in real-time to make informed decisions that deliver results

InsideView Apex removes the typical silos and enables strong go-to-market execution

  • Track your performance in terms of your ICPs and market segments at each stage of the funnel
  • Go beyond click-through rates, MQLs, and conversion rates
  • Visualize leads, opportunities, and wins for specific market segments and the overall business
  • Measure specific segments and in aggregate, for any given period.