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Get the Complete Picture

Trying to decide between LinkedIn and InsideView?

Why choose? Together, they’re a powerful combination that gives you the most comprehensive view of your sales targets. LinkedIn is useful for researching and connecting with business professionals, while InsideView provides the deep account intelligence needed to fully understand your prospects and customers. And with InsideView, you never need to manually enter account and contact data into your CRM. Check out the chart below to see how they complement one another.

  Use LinkedIn For Use InsideView For
  • Deep contact research based on user-contributed content
  • Deep account research based on content from more than 40,000 editorial, financial, news, and social sources
  • Researching senior executives who don’t use or regularly update their LinkedIn profiles
  • Quickly identifying other decision-makers who may be part of an account’s buying “committee”
  • Prioritizing prospects based on active buyer intent signals
  • LinkedIn connections network
  • InMail
  • LinkedIn connections, PLUS connections from other sources (Outlook, GMail, work & education networks, partners, reference customers, business affiliations)
  • Direct email addresses
  • Direct links to LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter
  • Headquarters and direct dial phone numbers
Data Hygiene  
  • Adding companies and contacts to CRM
  • Updating your CRM accounts and contacts to improve data quality

Know your prospects and customers inside and out

Today’s targeted prospecting starts with focusing on the right accounts. InsideView fuels deep account research with data, insights, and connections gathered from more than 40,000 trusted sources and validated using InsideView’s proprietary technology.

You’ll see relevant and timely news within accounts, contacts, leads, and opportunities categorized by key business topics, so you can craft targeted messages that break through to unresponsive buyers. You’ll find social buzz, family trees, similar accounts, and industry profiles, which include industry trends and challenges that are key to understanding your prospect or customer. And for public companies, you’ll find financial statements and SEC filings. It’s everything you need to do your account research…within CRM.

Know when to engage

Knowing when to engage is just as important as knowing what to say. With InsideView, you can keep tabs on key accounts, prospects, and competitors simply by adding them to watchlists. You’ll receive daily email alerts so you know exactly what to say and when to reach out based on breaking news and buyer intent data.

No need to buy lists

With InsideView, you can search from more than 19 million companies and 100 million executives around the world to find and add prospects to your CRM. Then keep your data up-to-date in just two clicks.

Get the Whole Picture

Today, it’s not enough to know just who to target. You also need to know who else is in the buying group, why and when to reach out, and how to engage through shared connections. Get the complete picture of your prospects and customers — both contacts and companies — to be fully informed and win more often.