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InsideView Enrich

Put Accurate Data in the Lead

Data is a huge challenge for the modern marketer. Data-driven analytics and applications require accurate inputs in order to achieve top results, but prospects are less willing than ever to provide information. InsideView Enrich helps to solve this problem by automatically enriching new leads with complete and accurate information from InsideView’s B2B data and intelligence platform.

Benefits Of InsideView Enrich

Native integration with leading marketing automation and CRM systems

  • Works with Marketo, Oracle Eloqua, Salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Complete data for all new leads

  • Enrich new leads from any source (trade shows, events, web forms, etc.) with over 80 fields of company, contact, and demographic information.
  • Automatically enrich leads in real-time to greatly increase lead velocity.
  • Use InsideView Enrich with InsideView Refresh to enable lead-to-account mapping.

Increase web form conversions

  • Reduce the number of fields on your forms to increase conversion.
  • Information from the form is automatically matched and enriched to deliver a complete lead record to your CRM or marketing automation platform.

Improve lead scoring and routing

  • Accurate contact and company data enhances lead scoring so you can focus on the opportunities that have the greatest likelihood of success.
  • View detailed lead analytics by source, field, and specific time period.