InsideView Intent Data Datasheet

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InsideView Intent Data

Zero in on Buyers Shopping for What You Sell

With tens of millions of businesses worldwide, how do you narrow the field to the ones most likely to buy from you? It starts with good firmographic data so you can home in on companies that look like your best customers based on characteristics like company size, location, and industry. Then it’s helpful to know what they’re talking about in the news and on social platforms to understand what matters to them. The final step is to know when they are actively researching products like yours. That’s the right buyer and the right moment.

Get in front of the right buyers at the right moment

When you know who is searching for what you sell, and they meet your other ideal characteristics, you narrow your prospect pool and increase your odds of winning. Bottom line, you drive more revenue with:

  • Focused outreach
  • Shorter sales cycles
  • A jumpstart on the competition
  • Winning more of your deals

The ROI of intent data

Suppose you could win one more deal per sales rep per quarter by reducing wasted time and focusing on buyers who are pulling out their virtual wallets to buy what you sell. The return on your investment could look something like the calculation on the left. (20 sales reps x 4 additional sales per year x $50K average selling price = 80 additional wins or $4M incremental revenue per year.) Now customize the numbers to fit your scenario.

Marketers want buyer intent data to:

  • Refine ABM, key account, and campaign lists
  • Target advertising
  • Tailor value props / messaging
  • Launch timely outbound campaign

Sellers want buyer intent data to:

  • Prioritize prospects
  • Personalize your message
  • Reach buyers before the competition
  • Identify upsell opportunities
  • Head-off churn — when customers are researching competitors

Access InsideView intent data in the tools you use everyday

InsideView integrates buyer intent data into InsideView Insights, InsideView Target, and InsideView Apex, so you can:

  • Filter lists based on intent signals.
  • See intent details in company records: drill into topics, how many topics, surge score, week-to-week score trend, and more.
  • Receive alerts when companies you follow increase their research activity. (Future release)

You’ll work with your system administrator to select relevant intent topics to track, choosing from 7,000+ and growing. (New topics can be requested and added within weeks.)

Get leading intent data with the best B2B data

InsideView intent data is powered by Bombora, a leading intent data provider. Why not buy directly from Bombora? When you buy from InsideView, you get the best of both worlds — the most accurate, relevant B2B data and intelligence combined with leading intent data, in a single, easy-to-use platform.

Bombora’s Company Surge® intent data is more accurate and relevant than most other intent data offerings, because it:

  • Measures consumption and engagement of content — not just exposure to it.
  • Tracks relevant business related content — not just keywords in any context.
  • Compares the current intensity of research to a previous baseline to identify when there’s a sudden increase or surge in activity. Suppose a company regularly researches an industry or follows certain topics. That alone does not indicate they are about to do anything. But if more people from that company start researching, they suddenly read more articles, and spend more time consuming them, that’s a strong indicator that they are about to take some action. That’s the kind of intent data InsideView provides.


The InsideView Advantage

InsideView, a Demandbase company, is transforming the way B2B companies go-to-market. Our AI-based B2B data and sales intelligence platform helps businesses understand and engage the right buyers, and manage customer data quality. InsideView’s data expertise and best-in-class customer support are trusted by the world’s best performing companies.

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