Build Targeted Prospect Lists to Expand Your Audience and Break Into New Markets

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Build Targeted Prospect Lists to Expand Your Audience and Break Into New Markets

Find Your Best Audience With Insideview Target

Marketers depend on new leads for growth. But as you search for more opportunities to expand your total addressable market, it’s difficult to uncover new prospects that are also high quality. It’s no longer good enough to just buy broad contact lists to add more prospects at the sake of quality and relevance.

InsideView Target draws from a massive database of 100 million B2B decision makers across 19 million companies worldwide, providing the demographic, firmographic, and buyer intent data you need to pinpoint ideal prospects for your campaigns.

Insideview Target Capabilities

CallRail tracks phone calls from online and offline marketing campaigns, and provides insight into which campaigns are working best. In a similar manner, InsideView helps CallRail understand its customer base and provides insights into its highest performing market segments. Using InsideView’s comprehensive industry coverage and classifications, CallRail was able to solidify its go-to-market strategy and confidently begin expansion into new market segments.

Pinpoint your target audience
Search our global database of relevant companies and contacts to find the ideal prospects for your sales and marketing campaigns. InsideView’s B2B data and intelligence platform triangulates data from over 40,000 sources, lets you filter on demographics, firmographics buyer intent signals and business connections, and delivers the data directly into easily exportable lists.

Export results directly into your CRM or marketing automation platform
Easily export custom lists into CRM or marketing automation applications with just a few clicks. Target offers a direct integration into Eloqua, Marketo, and Salesforce platforms. Key data fields are automatically mapped and de-duped against your existing leads so you never pay for leads already in your database. For other marketing automation systems, you can always use our universally accepted, easy-to-import Excel/CSV file export.

Let business signals guide you to the right targets
Screen your list results based on relevant events, such as product launches, acquisitions, new executives and promotions, and financial results to increase every campaign’s relevance.

ECustomize your results on-the-fly
Modify your list results by making real-time adjustments to the search criteria. Add and remove fields instantly by clicking on dynamic inline filters. All the while, your search results total is displayed to keep track of your list size.

Insideview Target Features

  • Customize lists based on contact demographics and company firmographics
  • Filter by buyer intent signals and relevant business events, like product launches, acquisitions, new executives, and financial result
  • Fine-tune the desired audience and immediately see how the changes impact the number of matching contacts
  • Use prebuilt integrations to push lists directly into Eloqua, Marketo or Salesforce, with over 80 fields of information ready to be transferred automatically
  • Never pay for leads you already have in your Eloqua, Marketo, or Salesforce database

Insideview Target Features

In addition to data on 100 million global decision makers, InsideView Target offers powerful features to help you find the perfect prospects based on your criteria and their relevant business signals. This empowers you to target the right people at the right time, and enhances your ability to engage with leads