Global Insurance Company Uses Targeted Insights to Stay Customer Savvy

This global insurance company provides risk management and insurance services to B2B customers — along with the research, engineering, and technical know-how to avoid loss in the first place. Started more than 100 years ago, this U.S.-based company now has over 5,000 employees working with clients in nearly 150 countries, which makes them one of the world’s largest commercial property insurance firms.

Company’s Challenges Included:

Growing pipeline of insights to fill gaps in prospect and customer business data

Expanding knowledge of every client’s business to increase proactive outreach triggered by business events

Increasing more accurate and current information on accounts to avoid information gaps

This company was interested in staying up-to-date with their customers’ business information. InsideView helps them stay current with what’s going on with their customers, key to helping them maintain a 95% customer retention rate! InsideView also gives them the latest intelligence on executives so they can quickly identify the right decision makers, at the right time.


Keeps revenue teams in-the-know on customers’ business information, industry trends, and personnel movements so they can proactively address shifting needs and fresh opportunities
Gives sales teams direct conduits to the right executive contacts, plus the insights and media alerts to make relevant pitches, which saves times and increases engagement
Integrates with existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM to put business and contact information, social media updates, and news alerts directly into the tools already used by their teams
“InsideView helps us stay on top of key business events at our clients so we can reach out in a preemptive manner rather than being reactionary after a change occurs. We look at InsideView as a way for us to increase our ‘client savvy,’ so we always know what’s going on with their businesses, their worlds, and their industries.”
– Digital Solutions Specialist