Customer Spotlight Growflare customers save 10+ hours each week by focusing on the best prospects

QuoteMatt Belkin

Matt Belkin

Founder, GrowFlare

SDRs and sales reps save 10+ hours each week by focusing on the best prospects. Our customers can now identify the ‘hidden gold’ in their CRM systems, experiencing 8x higher conversion rates at 90% less cost than acquiring a new lead.


Computer Software


San Diego, CA

Growflare’s challenges

GrowFlare’s database of 10 million web domains was missing critical firmographic data, and they were looking for validation and enrichment of all U.S. companies greater than 10 employees.


They chose InsideView to enrich their database with account firmographics, including address, geography, revenue, and industry. Through the API partnership with InsideView, GrowFlare’s customers save time by focusing on the prospects with the highest propensity to buy, and quickly disqualifying those that aren’t a good fit.


GrowFlare’s customers have experienced tremendous time savings every week, and higher conversion rates at much lower costs. GrowFlare’s proprietary psychographic data complements InsideView’s firmographic data, and together, they empower customers to identify their best B2B prospects in seconds. By accelerating their speed to market, from months to weeks, GrowFlare brings AI and machine learning to help companies find and qualify their best prospects.

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