Data is Not Just an Operations Problem

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Data is Not Just an Operations Problem

Bad CRM data impacts all of go-to-market. Marketing and Sales leaders are focused on improvements.

Our survey found that respondents in operations roles weren’t the only ones concerned with poor CRM data quality

71% of sales, marketing, and operations people rank improving CRM data quality highly.

Why it matters: bad CRM data impacts every part of the revenue cycle


  • Wasted money paying for duplicate records
  • Wasted effort from old and irrelevant data


  • Poor lead-to-account mapping causes ABM problems
  • Poor sender reputation


  • Territory misalignment
  • Lost revenue opportunities from incorrect lead routing


  • Inability to have productive upsell conversations
  • Poor reporting

50% of respondents in all personas said lack of accurate/complete data on target accounts and prospects is the biggest challenge to aligning sales and marketing.1

PREDICTION: In 2020, Insights into the B2B customer will become clearer by focusing on data integrity

53%of respondents listed this in their top 3 predictions for the evolution of sales and marketing alignment in the next year.

Increased sales effectiveness is a HIGH priority

How high a priority is increased sales effectiveness?

  • 4% Low
  • 16% Medium
  • 80% High

A high-impact way to improve sales effectiveness is through better data quality

  • 20% of salespeople’s time is spent on call planning
  • 33% of salespeople’s time is spent on selling

The longer you wait to clean your data, the harder it becomes. Increase your sales team’s efficiency and boost your marketing efforts by getting your data in shape today.

Here are a few tips to get started:

  • Assess your data needs. Do you have all the data you need? Do you need all the data you have? Where are the gaps and how out of shape is your data?
  • Jumpstart your data improvement program with an initial deep clean. De-dupe. Purge old and irrelevant records. Standardize formats. Scrub dirty data and enrich blank fields to set yourself up for a maintenance routine going forward.
  • Once clean, make data cleansing a regular priority. Schedule cleanings at least twice a year, or better yet, implement an automated cleansing solution.
  • Fill in the gaps. Ask yourself, do we have all the companies and contacts we need? If not, fill in the gap between the data you have and your total addressable market (TAM).
  • Boost your data with additional insights to maximize sales productivity. Augment your CRM data with news alerts, intent signals, connections, and financial and industry intelligence.