Enterprise Medical and Travel Security Risk Services Company

Secures More Customers to Care for with InsideView

The world’s leading medical and travel security risk services company
works day and night to protect and care for clients across the globe. Their emergency assistance services help reduce the risks encountered by people working and traveling remotely in case of critical illness, accidents, or civil unrest. Whether you’re having a medical issue in a remote area, experiencing a security problem in a far off country, or simply lost your passport, their team–which takes nearly 5 million assistance calls per year–can advise and assess situations, even providing translation services in more than 99 languages.

Customer challenges included:

Finding and targeting new opportunities based on unique business news, events, and activities.
Enabling business development managers to work faster, smarter, and more efficiently.
Eliminating time wasted on manual research of potential opportunities, and streamlining the number of tools needed to gather required data.
InsideView Helps Take Care of Customers
When you’re putting your and your employees’ safety into another’s hands, you want to be sure they understand your needs from the very first interaction. For our customer, that deep customer understanding is not only good business, it’s the basis of their sales strategy. As companies expand overseas, increase international travel, and do business in potentially risky regions, their need for security and other services increases. For the business development team, achieving their quota means identifying that need even before the targets themselves might realize it.

Results using InsideView:

Enables business development managers to quickly and easily identify new leads based on relevant and current business signals.
Increases the value and relevance of sales conversations by identifying key contacts and highlighting news and information related to a client’s unique need.
Eliminated significant time wasted doing blind internet searching for potential leads and further researching their business details and contacts at promising leads.