You Know Data.com is Going Away. How Will You Choose a Replacement?

Download the G2 Crowd Sales Intelligence Report to see why thousands of Salesforce customers choose InsideView for company and contact data

With B2B data decaying at a rate of 70% per year,* doing nothing to replace Data.com is simply not an option. You need a replacement and the sooner the better.

We know it can be daunting to replace data providers, but InsideView is here to help. We have data experts who can help you build a customized data migration plan. And when you switch to InsideView, you get:

  • The #1-rated sales intelligence app on G2 Crowd
  • A provider consistently rated 95%+ in customer satisfaction
  • Easy Switch solutions that deliver the same capabilities and more
  • Delayed payments if you have time left on your Data.com contract, with the special “Switch Now. Pay Later.” offer

Contact us for details and learn more about InsideView’s embedded solutions for Salesforce here.

*Source: Biznology, B2B data decay and list rental – buyer beware!, February 13, 2015.

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