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Define + Discover Your Buyers’ Hidden Sales Triggers


What are sales triggers?

Events that may indicate a need for a solution or service and that open the door to a sales conversation.


  • Acquisitions
  • Leadership changes
  • New offerings
  • Expanding operations
  • Funding developments
  • Data security events
  • Real estate deals


Industry rule of thumb

30-50% of sales go to the first vendor to reach out.1

Get ahead of your competition by leveraging sales triggers.

What are your buyers’ sales triggers?

Evaluate your most successful sales. Is there a common need or event that triggers the buyer’s purchase?


For a company that sold chemical safety training, their triggers were chemical accidents and OSHA fines.

How will you know when these triggers happen?

  • Option 1: Subscribe to news sites and trade publications. The problem? That can be slow going and the news gets stale quickly.
  • Option 2: Search for relevant news when you’re doing pre-call research. The problem? You will miss important events between searches.
  • Option 3: Set-up alerts on social media. The problem? While this brings the news to you in real-time, it delivers all the news whether or not it’s relevant for B2B sales. The volume soon becomes overwhelming.
  • Option 4: RECOMMENDED Use InsideView Insights, a sales intelligence solution that filters news topics for relevance and delivers alerts in real time.


Advantages of a world-class sales intelligence solution

  • Categorizes the news into business-relevant topics
  • Weeds out irrelevant news
  • Delivers alerts in real time
  • Delivers alerts where you need them — in CRM, your inbox, and wherever you browse

Learn more about InsideView’s sales intelligence solution, InsideView Insights, or contact us to learn more ways to boost your sales performance.

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