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Sales Secret: Industry Insights

The #1 Thing You Need to Know in Sales and How to Use It

If you can only know one thing when you meet with a prospect, know something about their industry.

3 Reasons Why

  • Opening a conversation with an intelligent question about your prospect’s industry is an unbeatable icebreaker.
  • Taking the time to learn about their industry builds instant credibility and earns their trust.
  • Knowing something about their industry makes you sound intelligent and sets you apart from the other 99% of salespeople who show up unprepared.

Pro tip:

Not knowing about your prospect’s industry is like visiting a foreign country and knowing nothing about the country, the language, or its culture. It’s a waste of your time and an insult to them.

3 Real World Examples

Break the ice

Use this icebreaker with the Head of Sales at Harley Davidson: “I read about a growing trend of women riding motorcycles. Is it true or urban legend?”

Know their language

Learn enough to know that “sellers” are called “producers,” if you sell in the insurance business.

Earn credibility

Start a conversation with an electrical engineering firm by asking: “How is the skyrocketing price of copper (an essential resource in their industry) affecting your business?”

Pro tip:

Be knowledgeable, but don’t try to sound like an expert. You’ll almost certainly fall on your face. Learn enough to use the right terminology and ask intelligent questions.

3 Ways to Find Industry Insights

  • Read trade publications
  • Do online research
  • Leverage a sales intelligence solution like InsideView Insights

Pro tip:

Starting a prospect conversation with, “Tell me about your business” is like wearing a sign that says, “I didn’t do my homework.

3 Benefits of InsideView’s Sales Intelligence Solution

  • We provide an entire industry profile with industry codes, an overview, challenges, trends, sizing information, and conversation starters.
  • We deliver the industry insights directly into your CRM or wherever you browse, including on company websites and LinkedIn profiles.
  • We vet the insights for relevance and validity.

Learn more about InsideView’s sales intelligence solution, InsideView Insights, or contact us to learn more ways to boost your sales performance.

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