Unlocking Revenue Performance in the New Normal

Practical Advice on How to Survive and Even Thrive in the New Economy

Based on original research gathered from 400+ B2B professionals, view this webinar (and get access to the slide deck) to hear from two industry veterans for practical advice on how to pivot your revenue targets and align sales, marketing, and operations to focus on actions with the most impact.

This webinar highlights three key initiatives revenue leaders can work on today to unlock revenue performance:

  1. Create a customer data management strategy — 70% of leaders say this is a high priority, yet the majority don’t have a formal plan. We’ll share how to create one.
  2. Refresh your target account strategy for a post-COVID world. Learn what data signals can help your company focus in the right direction.
  3. Align your revenue teams around key metrics and processes to ensure revenue performance.

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