Sales Prospecting:

Faster Sales Through Rich, Ready Intelligence

Real-time data and intelligence from tens of thousands of sources guides reps to ideal prospects and key decision-makers, with relevant insights into what matters to them today.

InsideView helped Gainsight realize a
9x increase in opportunity-to-win rate

Identify the right leads and the right time.

Search millions of global company records to find your ideal prospects based on firmographics, news, technology profiles, and more. Then tap into tens of millions of rich decision-maker profiles and learn about their current challenges to identify, prioritize, understand, and engage. With InsideView’s sales acceleration capabilities, stay one step ahead of the competition with alerts to real-time sales triggers so you can reach out at just the right time.

Break through barriers to connect and captivate.

With InsideView’s sales acceleration tools you can leverage our comprehensive private connections network to engage via your and your colleagues’ personal and professional connections. Break through and get noticed. Then hold their attention with timely insights from social networks, blogs, and news sources so you can intelligently and quickly establish credibility and relevance.

Close bigger deals with greater velocity.

Access decision-maker profiles and corporate family trees to identify all key players on the buying committee. Use connections and insights to open doors and build strong, cross-functional relationships that accelerate sales. Build more trust with real-time sales data by being the first to react to news of current needs and changing business drivers.