Tech Profiler

Tech Profiler

Zero in on prospects based on technologies they use.

Now get technology intelligence on InsideView’s industry-leading platform

If your solutions are aimed at specific technologies, you need to know who’s using them. Otherwise, every prospecting effort is a fishing expedition and every marketing campaign pours money down the drain.

Tech Profiler provides technology profiles on half a million companies worldwide and access to more than 30 million decision-makers – 10 times more than other tech data solutions.

Stop chasing dead-end leads

With Tech Profiler, your sales and marketing teams can eliminate waste and focus their resources on prospects who use the technologies that matter to you.


  • Find more ideal prospects who use complementary technologies
  • Run laser focused campaigns against competitive products
  • Drive sales efficiency and results with tech profiles inside CRM

Get more tech profiles across more market segments, for less

Access 525,000 technology profiles on companies across the U.S. and Europe, including small and mid-market enterprises as well as the Fortune 1000.  Tap into millions of decision-maker profiles in IT, sales, marketing, finance, and other business units.  Tech Profiler delivers more technology profiles and tracks 3200 front-end and back-end, hardware and software technologies for a fraction of what others charge.

Reduce technology clutter

As a vertical add-on solution to our industry-leading data and intelligence platform, Tech Profiler will not add to your technology stack.  Access tech profiles within InsideView Sales and InsideView Target, so you can consolidate on a single platform for all your data needs.  Or integrate InsideView’s technology intelligence into your own application through Tech Profiler APIs.


  • Tech profiles on 525,000 companies worldwide (and growing), from small businesses to the Fortune 1000
  • 35 million decision-maker profiles in IT and business lines
  • Tracks use of 2100 front-end and back-end hardware and software technologies, spanning more than 100 tech categories, with more to come


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