Use Real-Time Tracking to Capture More of the Market.

Instantly visualize and analyze your go-to-market performance to inform your decisions and improve your execution.


Only 23% of B2B companies regularly perform target market analysis.

Source: InsideView, The State of Sales and
Marketing Alignment Report, 2018

Measure performance and track improvements.

Map your CRM data against InsideView’s market data to visualize how well you’re penetrating target segments. Clearly see your performance at every stage of the funnel, from inbound leads through closed deals, to understand where you’re having success and where there are obstructions.

Make faster, more informed decisions.

Consider every important factor as you refine your go-to-market strategy, then make informed decisions with speed and certainty. Pivot to capture opportunities before it’s too late. And do it all in real-time.

Focus on the areas that need fixing.

Measure inbound leads against specific markets. See how much pipeline you’re generating for targeted segments. Understand what’s converting into revenue. When you see problems, dig deeper to see where they originate. Your target market analysis will remove roadblocks before your competition sees what’s coming.