Unify Siloed Teams and Data
Around a Single Open Platform

A single platform for a single view

Targeted engagement strategies, such as Account Based Marketing, require a deep understanding of your prospects and customers. They also require a consistent view of — and messaging to — those targets across every marketing, sales, and customer service touch point. That’s not possible when marketing uses one set of data, sales relies on another, and customer service and other teams rely on still more platforms of siloed, conflicting data.

InsideView solves that problem with our Targeting Intelligence platform. It delivers consistent, real-time access to data, insights, and connections that unify your siloed systems and align your customer engagement around a single, reliable view of the customer.

A single view aligns sales and marketing

When sales and marketing are out of alignment they waste time, miss opportunities, and blame each other for falling short of goals. Worse than that, their lack of alignment affects the bottom line, putting as much as a 10% drag on revenue.

Revenue Impact of Misalignment


As much as 10% of revenue is impacted
by sales and marketing misalignment.1

Cause of Misalignment


of companies say lack of common,
reliable prospect and customer data2

Eliminate one of the leading causes of sales and marketing misalignment with InsideView’s Targeting Intelligence platform. It unifies your teams around a single, consistent source of authoritative data, so you can align your customer engagement and work collaboratively toward revenue growth.

A single open platform serves many needs

How you choose to use Targeting Intelligence will depend on your role and the challenges you face. That’s why we offer a variety of ways to tap into our platform — a full line of solutions, products, services, and integrations to address a range of sales, marketing, and data needs.