Targeting Intelligence is Data³

  1. Current Company & Contact Data
  2. Real-Time Insights
  3. Connections that Open Doors

All made intelligent by our proprietary technology


40,000+ data sources

31.1 million decision-makers in 180 countries

12.8 million companies in 180 countries

212,434 companies in the U.K.

34,158 decision-makers at Vodafone

66,554 companies in India

2,727,532 sales execs

1,031,744 C-level execs

35 company data points

18 contact data points

750 industries

18 categories of sales triggers

InsideView for Sales Video

Targeted Market Intelligence

Aggregated from more than 40,000 sources, InsideView Targeting Intelligence empowers you to work, informed. It makes businesses smarter, sales and marketing teams more focused and effective, and pipelines stronger than ever before.

“The scope and quality of InsideView’s data is unmatched in any similar solution that we’ve found.”
-Amanda Cash-Crowley, Marketing Technology Manager | Balihoo


More than 40 fields of actionable company and contact data, updated in real-time. Use real-time sales data to identify prospects, score and route leads, segment territories, do pre-call research, enrich leads, clean your CRM data, and more.


Pulled, analyzed, and curated from tens of thousands of global news and social sources, ranging from the New York Times to Bloomberg to the BBC, Metal Construction News, even narrow niche pubs like Beef Online.  InsideView insights, delivered within your CRM, by email, or through our APIs, alert you to timely business triggers and take you inside your prospect’s world.


Consolidates all your connections, and those of your colleagues, into a private network that shows how you’re connected to your prospects, so you can get warm introductions to open doors and close deals.

Leverage your connections from Outlook, Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter, work and education history, reference customers, board memberships, and more.  We’ll add even more from our database that match your profile.

“I had been trying to get a response from a key prospect for weeks, without success. The first day I used InsideView Connections, I got an appointment that resulted in our company’s largest deal in history.  The warm intro made all the difference.”

– Charles, O’Neal Steel 

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