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Your Migration Plan in Just 5 Steps

With going away, you know you need to find a replacement. Otherwise, your Salesforce data will begin to decay – as much as 70% per year, according to Biznology. After all, you rely on your Salesforce data to make critical sales and marketing decisions every day.

How do you prepare for the transition to one of’s competitors? How will you choose a reliable replacement? This guide outlines 5 steps to follow and suggests things to think about along the way while researching competitors.

STEP 1: Assess Your Data Needs

Why assess your needs when searching for alternatives to Change can be hard, but it’s also an opportunity to evaluate what’s working and what’s not, to assess what you really need, and to make improvements.

Things to Think About

  • What products do you use today?
  • How do you use the data?
  • Is it accomplishing your business goals?
  • When was the last time you analyzed the makeup of your customer/prospect database?
  • Do you need all the data you have?
  • Have you identified the characteristics of your ideal customers (ICP)
  • Do you have enough of the right companies and contacts?
  • Have you done an analysis to see how big your total addressable market (TAM) is and who’s in it?
  • How do you currently fill your whitespace?
  • How is the quality of your inbound leads?
  • How would you describe the quality of your pipeline?
Helpful Hint: InsideView data experts are available to help you answer these questions and assess the quality of your Salesforce data.

STEP 2: Clean Your Data

Why? You don’t want to mix dirty data with new, clean data. Plus clean, standardized data fuels go-to-market success, sales and marketing alignment, and GDPR compliance.

Things to Think About

  • How would you describe the quality of your account and contact data?
  • When was the last time you cleaned it
  • How often do you clean your data?
  • How are your email bounce rates?
Helpful Hint: InsideView’s Professional Services team can clean your account data and validate contact emails to make sure you’re starting from a clean slate.

STEP 3: Keep Your Data Clean

Why? With B2B data decaying at a rate of 70% per year, you’ll need a program for keeping your data fresh and actionable for accurate targeting and relevant engagement.

Things to Think About

  • If you’ve been using Clean to maintain your account data, how will you keep it clean going forward?
  • How would you describe the quality of your inbound leads? Inbound leads are notoriously dirty and are a common source of data contamination.
  • How happy are you with the completeness of your data? Are your leads complete enough to score and route accurately?
  • How many fields do you have in your web forms? With lead enrichment, you can reduce the number of fields and increase conversion rates and lead quality.
  • What’s your form abandonment rate? Are you comfortable with that?
Helpful Hint: InsideView is a great alternative to because you can regularly and automatically clean your Salesforce account data with InsideView Refresh or our Lightning Data app, InsideView Append. For a fuller, healthier pipeline, get InsideView Enrich to clean and enrich your inbound leads.

STEP 4: Fill Data Gaps

Why? Having clean data is important, but it’s equally important to make sure you have the right data – all the accounts and contacts you should be targeting.

Things to Think About

  • How do you currently get more leads and campaign lists?
    • Do you buy lists?
    • How successful has that been for you?
    • How often do you need to buy them?
    • How happy are you with the quality you get for the cost?
  • How do you find all the decision-makers for your target accounts?
  • When was the last time you measured your total addressable market?
    • Do you know how big your market opportunity is?
    • How do you fill the gaps/whitespace?
Helpful Hint: Companies that exceed revenue goals are 3.3 times more likely to regularly assess their total addressable market (TAM). InsideView can help you visualize and measure your TAM, discover new markets, recommend look-alike accounts, fill your whitespace, and find more decision-makers at your target accounts with InsideView Apex and InsideView Target.

STEP 5: Boost Your Data

Why? Good data helps you target the right prospects, but it’s not enough to close deals. Sellers also need real-time news and social insights to know when to reach out and what to say. And they need connections to open doors that turn good leads into revenue won.

Things to Think About

  • How do your sellers do their pre-call research?
  • How is that working for them?
  • How do they know which prospects to prioritize?
  • How do they know when to reach out?
  • How happy are they with their ability to connect with prospects?
  • How do they identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities?
  • How is your customer churn rate?
  • How confident are your sellers with your CRM data?
Helpful Hint: InsideView Sales embeds Targeting Intelligence into Salesforce, giving your sellers instant access to company and contact data, news and social insights, and their aggregated network of connections. It’s everything your sellers need to do pre-call research, engage with buyers, and close more deals.

How Will You Choose a Replacement?

These are some things you might consider:

  • Does the supplier have the breadth and depth of data you need?
  • How relevant is their data for sales and marketing? Is it cluttered with lots of duplicate, out-of-date, or simply irrelevant records?  That clutter can be a time-sink to sort through.
  • How do they gather and validate their data?
  • Will you be able to keep their data if/when you terminate your contract?
  • How is the vendor rated on review sites like G2Crowd?
  • How do their current customers rate them on customer support/service?
  • How easy is it to do business with them?

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