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Data drives your go-to-market decisions. Who you target. What you talk about. How you prioritize leads, assign territories…you get the idea. You can’t live without data. So how will you find a Data.com replacement now that Salesforce has announced its retirement? Why not choose the best Data.com alternative?

#1 for a reason

InsideView, the #1-rated sales intelligence app on G2Crowd, delivers the company and contact data you need without the typical clutter, directly into Salesforce. We put you in touch with all public companies worldwide, and most with five or more employees in major world markets. And we focus on decision-makers and influencers. You won’t have to sift through duplicate, stale, or irrelevant records.


95% Customer Satisfaction

Our customers give us an A+ quarter after quarter, year after year, for customer service and support. That’s something to keep in mind as you choose a Data.com replacement.

Hear what our customers have to say

Clean and accurate data helped us fill in the gaps. After an initial data assessment, we discovered that a lot of our customer records were old and stale. InsideView helped us clean and update our account data, which meant our CRM would have cleaner records too. With up-to-date firmographic data, we now have more accurate account reports in Salesforce. Would recommend InsideView to all teams looking for a reliable data partner. 

Nadia Gainsbourg

AppExchange, Jul 06, 2018

Flexible, time-saving, clean-data. We moved off of a competing solution that was more costly and had less flexibility. With this product you decide your threshold and can set it and forget it. Remember to turn on all of your field tracking on any fields that get appended by tools like this.

Alek Milovidov

AppExchange, Jun 26, 2018

Good product that has good customer support. My company used to have a similar tool that worked poorly, after contacting 10+ vendors, conducted a sample test, and 2 reference calls, we decided to go with InsideView based on cost, accuracy, and the flexibility of integration. I have a very good experience using it, and since we implemented InsideView, our customer data fill rate and accuracy increased by 270% and 23%. 

Jiayi Liao

AppExchange, Jun 29, 2018

Easy Migration

We know change can be painful, but you will need to replace Data.com soon and InsideView can make it easier. With our special pricing and packaging, you’ll get the same capabilities you have today with Data.com Clean and Data.com Prospector, plus more.  And we’ll make sure you don’t have to double pay, if you still have time remaining on your Data.com contract.

Easy Switch Solutions

InsideView’s Easy Switch solutions replace Data.com Clean and Data.com Prospector, for an affordable, single per seat price. Our offerings:

  • Clean and enrich account data and leads automatically
  • Offer one-click company and contact data sync
  • Embed comprehensive sales intelligence into your Salesforce CRM
  • Come in two sizes, depending on your current configuration

Switch Now. Pay Later.

Still have time left on your Data.com contract?  You can switch to InsideView now and delay your starting payment so you won’t have to double pay for Data.com and InsideView at the same time.

Your Data.com Migration Guides

Sometimes the hardest thing about making a change is getting started. This Data.com Migration Planning Guide will give you a jump start with steps to follow and things to think about as you plan for your transition. When you’re ready for more technical instruction, our Data.com Migration Technical Guide will lead you step-by-step.

Proven with Salesforce

InsideView has been a Salesforce partner since 2007, before Data.com was on the scene. Our InsideView Sales solution was one of the first applications listed on the AppExchange. Today, we have more than 1000 joint Salesforce-InsideView customers and offer a full spectrum of Salesforce-integrated solutions for business executives, sales, marketing, and operations.

Fuel your entire go-to-market work stream with InsideView

From the C-Suite to frontline execution, InsideView’s Targeting Intelligence platform provides the data and tools you need to power your entire go-to-market machine.  Our solutions help you:

  • Clean your Salesforce data
  • Enrich leads as they enter Salesforce
  • Discover new markets
  • Understand and size your total addressable market (TAM)
  • Fuel account-based marketing (ABM)
  • Close more deals
  • Grow your accounts

As you research Data.com competitors and think about replacing Data.com, we encourage you to think beyond simply finding an alternative to Data.com Clean, Data.com Prospector, or Data.com Connect. Think about aligning your entire go-to-market effort around InsideView Targeting Intelligence, as your single source of truth. Learn more about our offerings on these Products and Solutions pages.


Only Provider of Targeting Intelligence

When it comes to alternatives to Data.com, some data providers supply company data. Others focus on contact data. Some provide business insights and/or connections. But only InsideView provides all three components that are essential for today’s targeted sales and marketing strategies - company and contact data, insights, and connections. We call it Targeting Intelligence. InsideView’s Targeting Intelligence delivers detailed data about markets, companies and buyers, along with business and social insights and connections, so your go-to-market teams know exactly who to target, why and when to reach out, and how to connect. Our Targeting Intelligence is aggregated and validated using a proprietary AI-based methodology that produces the industry’s more relevant, reliable B2B data and insights. It more than replaces what you’re getting today with Data.com. It's more than an alternative to Data.com.

“...Even after a few years with InsideView, ...we came to the same conclusion: InsideView was the best solution with the best data accuracy.”

-Jacob Feenstra Director of Business Development, Strategy, and Operations, inVentiv Health

“InsideView helped us scale our marketing efforts and meet our revenue goals.”

-Lauren Olerich Sr. Manager, Lead Generation, Gainsight

“Now that we’ve seen the power, we couldn’t live without InsideView... InsideView is our go-to tool for learning more about a company, their competitors, and if we have existing connections.”

-Monique Nguyen Director of Business Development, Welocalize