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Customer Data Management

Customer Data Management

Clean, enrich, and manage your CRM and marketing data.

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Market Segmentation & Planning

Market Segmentation & Planning

Discover new markets and identify more ideal targets to fuel your go-to-market (GTM) strategy.

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Sales Acceleration

Sales Acceleration

Find new prospects, engage intelligently, and win more deals.

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InsideView Customer Data Management Solutions:

  • Clean and enrich records automatically
  • Integrate with leading CRM and marketing automation platforms
  • Replace Clean

Lead Enrichment

Starting at $6,000

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Also includes:

Automatic enrichment of leads from events, website, campaigns, and more

Confidence score attached to all appended data

Data Management

Custom Pricing

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Also includes:

Precision scheduling and CRM analytics

Field and record-level control over updates

Advanced matching and email validation

Lead-to-account mapping and account hierarchy management

Multiple CRM and marketing automation integrations

Measure the revenue impact of cleaner, more complete data

Measure the revenue impact of cleaner, more complete data

InsideView Market Segmentation & Planning Solutions:

  • Total addressable market (TAM) analysis
  • Comprehensive prospect list building
  • AI-based predictive modeling
  • Targeted data to fuel account-based marketing (ABM) programs

On-Demand List Building

for demand generation teams

Starting at $5,000

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Also includes:

Precision targeting based on dozens of criteria, including:
Sales triggers

Company and contact list exports

Data sync to CRM and marketing automation platforms

Go-To-Market Planning

for sales and marketing leaders

Starting at $5,000

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Also includes:

White space analysis

Ideal customer profile (ICP) wizard

Target market visualization

Account-based marketing lists

Look-alike recommendations

Buyer intent signals from active buying accounts

ICP tagging in CRM

Analytics to track performance against targeted segments

Measure the revenue impact of current, complete market data

InsideView Sales Acceleration Solutions:

  • Full account details for 19 million companies
  • Comprehensive profiles for 90 million people
  • Contact information including direct dials and emails
  • News and social insights
  • Family trees
  • Sales trigger alerts for customers and prospects
  • Competitor information
  • Prospect list building
  • Your comprehensive connections network
  • CRM integration


for teams

Custom Pricing
based on number of users

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Also includes:

2,000 exports or syncs per month

Tracking for 1,000 companies and people

Details about technology used

Printable company profiles

Volume and multi-product discounts

Measure the revenue impact of better sales data

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