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Customer Data Management

Clean, enrich, and manage your CRM and marketing data.

Market Segmentation & Planning

Discover new markets and identify more ideal targets to fuel your go-to-market (GTM) strategy.

Sales Acceleration

Find new prospects, engage intelligently, and win more deals.

InsideView Customer Data Management solutions:

  • Clean, enrich, and manage accounts, contacts, and leads automatically

  • Integrate with leading CRM and marketing automation platforms

  • Replace Clean

lightning data

$15/user/month (requires all CRM seats)

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  • Also includes:

    Core data cleansing and enrichment

  • Native Salesforce integration

advanced data management

Starting at $5,000 

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  • Also includes:

    Precision scheduling and CRM analytics

  • Field- and record-level control over updates
  • Advanced matching and email validation
  • Lead-to-account mapping and account hierarchy management
  • Multiple CRM and marketing automation integrations

InsideView Market Segmentation and Planning solutions include:

  • Total addressable market (TAM) analysis

  • Comprehensive prospect list building

  • AI-based predictive modeling

  • Targeted data to fuel account based marketing (ABM) programs

Customized List Building

for demand generation teams

Starting at $5,000based on number of records

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  • Also includes:

    Precision targeting based on dozens of criteria, including:

    • – Firmographics
    • – Demographics
    • – Sales triggers
    • – Keywords
    • – And MORE!
  • Company and contact list exports

  • Data sync to CRM and marketing automation platforms

go-to-market planning

for sales and marketing leaders

Starting at $5,000based on company size

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  • Also includes:

  • White space analysis

  • Ideal customer profile (ICP) wizard

  • Target market visualization

  • Account-based marketing lists

  • Look-alike recommendations

  • Buyer intent signals from active buying accounts

  • ICP tagging in CRM

  • Analytics to track performance against targeted segments

InsideView Sales Acceleration solutions include:

  • Full account details for 15 million companies

  • Comprehensive profiles for 34 million people

  • Contact information including direct dials and emails

  • News and social insights

  • Family trees

  • Sales trigger alerts for customers and prospects

  • Competitor information

  • Prospect list building

  • Your comprehensive connections network

  • CRM integration

  • Data updates / sync


for small groups


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  • Also includes:

  • 100 company or contact exports per month

  • Tracking for 200 companies and people


for larger organizations

Custom Pricingbased on number of users

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  • Also includes:

    500 exports or syncs per month

  • Tracking for 1,000 companies and people

  • Details about technology used

  • Printable company profiles

  • Volume and multi-product discounts

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