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InsideView Easy to Use APIs

Boost your application’s performance

Your sales, marketing, and other business applications are only as good as the data they run on. Give your users tailored access to InsideView’s industry-leading data and intelligence by tapping into InsideView’s easy-to-use API integration platform.

Choose the APIs that fit your need

Data APIs

Fetch a list of company IDs or get details about specific companies, including firmographics, family trees, industry details, and more. Retrieve records one at a time or in bulk.

Enrich APIs

Access and add up to 80+ fields of company and contact information into your applications in a single query. Includes firmographics, contact details, family trees, and more. Retrieve records one at a time or in bulk.

Insights APIs

Receive news articles for target companies based on 18 common business triggers (news agents), including leadership changes, new offerings, acquisitions, expanding operations, cutting costs, outperforming, litigation, real estate deals, bankruptcy filings, and more. The API returns a listing and you can click through to the full articles. You can also set up subscriptions to receive alerts when companies or people you follow are in the news. (See Subscription APIs)

Subscription APIs

Receive alerts when InsideView’s company, people, or family tree information has changed, then use our company and people data APIs to retrieve the information. You can also subscribe to get alerts for news associated with your accounts. This eliminates the need to poll all records for changes.

Tech Profiler APIs

Integrate technology profiles into your application in one of two ways. Build and retrieve targeted company lists filtered by specific technologies and/or fetch complete individual company technology profiles.

Target APIs

Receive leads that match your ideal customer profile and create highly targeted prospect lists based on company firmographics, contact details, and news insights.

Company Matcher API

Submit company search queries and get the best matched company, as well as a list of probable matches. You can choose to retrieve all company firmographic fields into your application.

Company Autocomplete API

Auto-complete company names when doing a query. The query can also return popular contacts within the searched company.

Some of the many applications that use our simple API integrations

Sales apps & CRMs

Marketing platforms

Predictive analytics

Customer data management / data hygiene

Financial applications

Human resources / talent management

Supply chain management

Partner relationship management


Mobile apps

Cyber security

Expense management

Risk management

Why choose InsideView for API integration?

  • InsideView is the industry’s leading source of B2B data and intelligence.
  • We deliver the industry’s most accurate company and contact data.
  • Our REST-based APIs are easy to use and customize.
  • Our experienced, responsive team—combined with detailed documentation—ensure rapid and continued API integration success.
  • Our world-class technical support consistently earns 99% customer satisfaction ratings.
  • We operate as a true API solutions partner—not a data vendor.

ISV Partners

We align our API pricing model to support your go-to-market strategy. Contact a Partner Account Manager.

Sample API integration use cases

Clean and append data

Build routines to automatically and regularly clean your customer and contact data with InsideView’s simple APIs.

  • Make more informed marketing and sales decisions
  • Run highly targeted campaigns
  • Plan and map territories more effectively
  • Find and connect with the right people
  • Engage in more productive sales conversations
  • Keep track of contacts within key accounts
  • Avoid the errors and time sink of manual data entry

Get timely insights on target companies

Discover business triggers about your accounts and prospects by having relevant news articles delivered directly into your CRM, mobile device, or other application via simple API integration. Use the insights to:

  • Prioritize prospects and reach out before your competition
  • Better understand and engage with key accounts and contacts
  • Identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities
  • Proactively address changes in key accounts to reduce customer churn

Find ideal prospects

Create company and contact lists on-demand based on firmographics, contact details, and business triggers.

  • Request leads that match your ideal customer profile to grow your total addressable market
  • Find net new contacts within targeted accounts for more effective account-based marketing

Enrich leads and web forms

Automatically enrich leads with missing information as they enter your CRM or marketing automation application, so you can:

  • Simplify web forms to increase completion rates
  • Turn incomplete, inaccurate lead records into MQLs
  • Score and route leads more quickly and effectively
  • Run highly targeted campaigns

Push customer information to the field

Deliver real-time company and contact data and timely news to field sales and service reps, so they can:

  • Prioritize and prepare for calls
  • Maximize route efficiency
  • Find additional prospects within their territory

Append data to strengthen predictive signals

  • Sharpen predictions with additional attributes
  • Improve accuracy with the industry’s most accurate data





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