90% of Businesses Worldwide
are Irrelevant in B2B Commerce

InsideView delivers the accounts that matters

Some data providers promise “the world’s largest commercial database,” as many as 240+ million companies, worldwide. Setting the record straight, InsideView does NOT have the largest database of companies…not even close.  And that’s intentional.

We deliver the B2B leads that matter.


40,000+ data sources

32.4 million decision-makers in 180 countries

13.2 million companies in 180 countries

289,000 companies in the U.K.

37,000 decision-makers at Vodafone

74,000 companies in India

3.3 million sales execs

872,000 C-level execs

35 company data points

18 contact data points

750 industries

17 categories of sales triggers

How Big Is the Relevant B2B Data Universe?

People tend to think that more is better. And they’re impressed by large numbers. But when you’re a busy executive, more B2B contact data is just noise that drains your productivity, unless that more produces relevant B2B leads.

Here’s a look at some of the impressive claims you may hear and the contrasting reality, based on the most recent U.S. Census and European Eurostat.

Claim:      240+ million companies worldwide
Reality:   <20 million companies in the world with 5+ employees

Claim:      80+ million companies in the U.S.
Reality:   <13 million company establishments in the U.S. and only 6 million with 5+ employees

Claim:      111 million professionals in the U.S.
Reality:   ~2.3 million top execs in the U.S.

Reality:   Out of ~25 million companies in Europe, only 3.1 million are meaningful for most B2B commerce (20+ million are “micro-enterprises,” including 14 million with no employees)

Reality:   ~3 million top execs in Europe

The point? The relevant B2B data universe is not as large as you might be led to believe. And what’s not relevant is just time-wasting clutter that you have to sift through.

InsideView Delivers the Companies and Contacts You Need, without the Clutter

Get to Decision-Makers Faster
We purposely focus our contact data on decision-makers and influencers. For some industries and markets, that means we limit contact titles to director and above. For others, we may deliver lower level managers and supporting job titles known to be key influencers.

Reach the Companies that Matter
As B2B data providers, we focus on delivering reliable data about companies with meaningful purchasing power. This chart shows the companies we deliver today. As markets mature and reliable data become available, we expand our data pool, so you can extend your reach with confidence.

Company & Contact Coverage as of September 2017

Why Do Traditional B2B Data Providers Have Such Large Databases?

Traditional B2B data providers are solving a different problem than we are – credit risk, not sales and marketing productivity.

They collect data on as many entities as possible to help identify the “businesses” you don’t want to do business with. Their databases include volumes of fictitious companies, legal (paper) entities, stale information, duplicates, low-level contacts, and other irrelevant records.

InsideView’s database is built specifically for sales and marketing…has been since the beginning.   And that means we deliver only active businesses and decision-makers with meaningful purchasing power.