InsideView Diagnose

Assess the health of your customer data.

Is your data strong enough to deliver on your goals?

Customer data grows stale every day. But many don’t realize their data lacks the right targets in the first place. InsideView Diagnose data diagnostic software analyzes the core accuracy and completeness of your data—so you know whether you have the best targets to deliver on your sales and marketing goals.

Assess the health and currency of your data with data diagnostic software, InsideView Diagnose

  • Know how many records are inaccurate, incomplete, or duplicate
  • Determine which data fields are missing, such as industry, title, geography, and dozens more
  • Pinpoint other data inefficiencies holding back sales and marketing success

InsideView data diagnostics helps determine whether your data supports the right strategic focus

  • Evaluate data against your company’s sales and marketing objectives
  • Determine whether your data is aimed at the right industries, segments, and decision-makers
  • Learn how additional data filters can sharpen your focus

Discover what’s possible with a more refined customer data set with InsideView’s data diagnostic software.

  • Determine how to get more data records that are focused squarely on your ideal personas
  • Identify how refined data expands your total addressable market
  • Understand how superior data opens up entirely new industries and markets


  • Data coverage spanning 15M companies and 34M decision-makers
  • Identify inaccurate, incomplete, or duplicate records
  • Find and fix to correct inaccurate records
  • Append to add missing information to existing records
  • See firmographic profiles based on company size, industry, revenue, and location
  • List Clean of up to 1,000 records and up to five cleans
  • Strict data usage policy—your data is always and only your data
  • ISO-security certified

B2B application data decays at a rate of more
than 5% every month—or 70% per year.

—Biznology, 2015


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