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Drive revenue performance with integrated data solutions

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Improve CRM health, unify customer records. All starting with clean data.

There’s no doubt that a rich, accurate database, filled with reliable and up-to-date information on your customers and prospects, increases productivity and efficiencies across all teams. But when dashboards and visualizations are also delivered straight to your CRM, you’re in control to actively monitor your CRM with clear visibility into how your CRM data hygiene is improving over time.

With a unified view of your customer data and insights into your data hygiene, you can confidently make decisions that drive revenue and improve operational effectiveness.

Clean and enrich your CRM with an integrated solution

Clean and enrich your CRM with an integrated solution

  • Keep your CRM data up to date with our CRM data cleansing solution
  • Clean accounts, contacts, and leads
  • Fill in missing fields and append technographic data
  • Unify customer data with standardized and up-to-date information
  • Evaluate sales performance with accurate territory assignments
  • Automatically keep your CRM records current
  • Have precise control in governing how, when, and where your data flows
Quantify the value of better data

Pro Tip

Many of our customers choose to deep clean their data before implementing InsideView Data Integrity to improve match rates. Data Clean & Activate Service can jump start your data management program.

Enhance business processes to drive faster revenue growth

Enable smoother workflows throughout the lead-to-revenue cycle.

  • Automate account hierarchies (or family tree linkages)
  • Score and route leads appropriately with configurable lead-to-account mapping
  • Discover new revenue opportunities within ecosystems
  • Run email validations for all your CRM contacts
Enhance business processes to drive faster revenue growth
Quantify the value of better data

Measure the revenue impact of cleaner, more complete data

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Visualize and monitor CRM data hygiene to improve operational effectiveness

Visualize and monitor CRM data hygiene to improve operational effectiveness

Gain actionable insights into the ongoing health of your CRM.

  • View matched and updated records through interactive trend graphs
  • Monitor and measure data health with at-a-glance comparisons over time
  • Access dashboards that include insights into how data quality is improving
  • Easily understand and identify duplicates, out of business companies, past employments, and more

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Data coverage spanning 19M companies and 100M+ decision-makers

Update your account, contact, and lead records with 80+ fields of information, including technographic data

Data integrates seamlessly with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365

Automate family tree linking and lead-to-account mapping

Enhanced AI-powered matching enables higher match rates, accuracy, and flexibility in match logic

Control which records are managed, fields updated, and frequency of updates

Manage all or a segment of your records, and assign rules that control the update behavior

Run email validations on all your CRM contacts and leads

Interactive trend graphs show matched and updated records

Dashboards include insights such as number of family tree linkages, duplicates, past employments, lead-to-account mapping, and more

Visual comparisons show data health over adjustable time periods

ISO-security certified

When shopping around for a replacement, we not only wanted to replace functionality but improve upon it. InsideView’s data methodology gave us the confidence that our Sales and Marketing efforts can be focused on the right prospects at the right time. With the launch of Data Integrity, we’ll have improved management of corporate hierarchies, making it easier to identify the best targets and whitespace opportunities, and the right decision makers. Additionally, the ability to take action based on technology ownership will change the way we segment and score prospects.

Peter Vanderhaak, Sr. Director, GTM Process and Systems, Box

With everyone working from home, InsideView data has become critical for our sales team, enabling us to research prospects in global regions and find new ways to connect with decision makers. It’s shown us how valuable clean and enriched data is for sales and marketing especially as we expand into new markets around the world. By maintaining the health and accuracy of our customer data, InsideView Data Integrity will allow us to get even more benefit out of our CRM.

Anthony Cuellar, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing, Diversified

We’re excited to partner with InsideView on data management offerings to help keep our customers’ data clean. Good data drives good marketing, and with InsideView Data Integrity, companies will now be equipped to make optimal decisions on go-to-market strategy, targeting, and sales and marketing performance.

Tim Harris, VP Strategy and Solutions, Arbela Technologies, Inc.

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