Discover and visualize market opportunities. Build a better pipeline and exceed your revenue goals.

Transform Your Go-to-Market Strategy

Find your best markets. Engage with intelligence. Optimize for growth.

Successful CMOs and CROs are deliberate about growth. They understand their best customers and know exactly who to target. Then they give their teams the go-to-market (GTM) tools and strategies to make it happen.

Our market segmentation and planning solutions give you that same power, letting you pinpoint the types of customers you want, then showing you who they are and where the best target markets are.

Expand your universe of ideal prospects with highly targeted leads that look like your best customers, so sales and marketing will know who to target and why. Track market performance, at every stage of the funnel, and adjust and optimize your go-to-market strategy in real time.


Leading companies are 3.3x more likely to regularly review their target market.

Source: InsideView, The State of Sales and Marketing Alignment Report, 2018.

Discover and visualize new markets for growth

Discover and visualize new markets for growth

Identify your best customers, and use real-time information to visualize and plan your GTM strategy. Discover your total addressable market (TAM), find look-a-like accounts, and execute your GTM strategy with speed and certainty. Lastly, analyze your performance against target markets at every stage of the funnel to improve execution.

Clean and enrich incoming leads

Get the most complete view of your leads with rich demographic and firmographic data to reduce form abandonment, increase lead volume and conversions, and speed engagement. Score and route leads based on a complete, current picture of the contact and their company.

Clean and enrich incoming leads


of marketers experienced a positive impact since adopting ABM

Source: Forrester blog: Does ABM Help Produce Better Revenue Results?

Start with hyper-focused target lists

The best starting point for any campaign is clean, accurate data so you know who to target and when to engage. Build targeted account-based marketing lists based on firmographics, demographics, technographics, and buyer intent data to focus on your best opportunities. You’ll increase efficiency, ROI, and sales’ chance to close more deals.

Fuel marketing initiatives with custom data

Whether you’re interested in specialized niche data or need customized list builds, our team of senior data experts can help you with your critical marketing data initiatives.

Sample intent topics for HR
Measure the revenue impact of current, complete market data

Measure the revenue impact of current, complete market data

Alignment is the foundation of GTM success

Improving sales and marketing alignment can help your revenue attainment. Sirius Decisions found that “strong alignment” results in 19% faster revenue growth and 15% higher profitability. With alignment, sales gets more and better leads, and marketing gets more involved in account-based tactics.

Yet only 41% of sales and marketing organizations describe themselves as aligned. What’s worse, a mere 11% claim their teams are orchestrated in their go-to-market efforts.

What’s your level of go-to-market maturity?

Here’s where other B2B companies place themselves.*



Ad hoc tactics focused on volume.



Using tech, but not sharing data or insights.



Sales and marketing aligned on data, targets, and programs.



Fully aligned account-based programs and consultative selling.



Enterprise-wide alignment using data as a weapon.

*Source: Unlocking Revenue Performance in the New Normal, InsideView, 2020



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