How We Source Personal Data

This page is here to help you understand how InsideView sources Personal Data that is included in the database we make available to our customers. “Personal Data” is any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (“Data Subject”). You’ll also learn here about how you, as a Data Subject, can opt-out of continuing to remain in our database.

SUMMARY OF INSIDEVIEW’S BUSINESS AND OUR DATABASE: InsideView is a business-to-business (B2B) company that provides business information to our customers.  The business information in InsideView’s database includes company information (e.g., company address, industry-type, annual revenues) as well as the name, title and contact information for individuals solely in their capacities as company employees. InsideView does not source or provide information related to Data Subjects in their capacities as individual consumers.

YOUR DATA:  InsideView’s database may include certain limited information about you solely in connection with your business role.  InsideView’s database may include one or more of the following items of information about you: (i) your first and last name, (ii) name of your employer/company, (iii) your business title, (iv) your business email address, and in some cases (v) your phone number. Our database never includes information about your private life or about you as an individual consumer.

HOW INSIDEVIEW OBTAINS YOUR DATA: InsideView’s database is comprised of publicly-sourced and algorithm-derived data.  InsideView locates business contact information in part by searching the world wide web for publicly-available data.  We also get data from reputable third party content vendors that similarly obtain publicly-available information. In addition, we include in our database email addresses that we have derived based on patterns of email address formats (e.g.,

YOU CAN OPT-OUT OF OUR DATABASE:  You have the right to be removed from our database. The next section tells you how you can Opt-Out of our database.  InsideView has been in business for more than 10 years and we have consistently invited Data Subjects who wish to be removed from our business contact database to contact us. While we rarely receive such requests, we always honor them and we will continue to promptly respond to any and all opt-out requests.  If you are contacted by one of our customers after you have opted-out of our database, please request that such third party remove you from its database by visiting that company’s website and locating its Privacy Policy.

HOW YOU CAN OPT-OUT OF OUR DATABASE: To be removed from our business contact database, please click here or visit our Privacy Policy located at

OUR PRIVACY POLICY: For more information about how we collect and use Personal Data (and how you can Opt-Out of our database), please visit our Privacy Policy located at

FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ABOUT INSIDEVIEW AND THE GDPR: Please read our GDPR Customer FAQ or contact us directly by emailing us at