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Sales Intelligence: Informed sellers are effective sellers

Knowledge is the currency of sellers today. But becoming an expert on every prospect and multiple industries is extremely time consuming. InsideView Insights embeds real-time B2B data and sales intelligence directly into sellers’ daily workflow. Its task-based user experience optimizes the entire sales process, paving the way for smarter sellers and faster closers.

Get more great prospects

Find and connect with the right prospects with real-time sales intelligence data

  • Tap into tens of millions of company and decision-maker profiles globally.
  • Pinpoint prospects based on technologies they use, with InsideView technographic data.
  • Identify buyers who are actively shopping for what you sell, with InsideView buyer intent data.
  • Get warm introductions to your sales prospects with our comprehensive relationship network that aggregates your personal contacts, social connections, work and alumni colleagues, and more.
  • Leverage permission-only access to your co-workers’ contacts to find connections that are kept private to just your company.

Take your sales prospecting efforts to the next level with our InsideView Chrome browser extension!

Stay informed wherever you spend the most time: company websites, LinkedIn, or within your CRM. Download our Chrome extension email addresses and direct phone numbers any time you’re researching companies or prospects.

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Accelerate sales through more relevant engagement with B2B intelligence

  • Get the latest and most actionable news about your prospects through our curated news and social insights.
  • Be alerted to business insights that give you compelling reasons to reach out to prospects, such as buyer intent signals, company expansions, leadership changes, relocations, acquisitions, and financial updates.
  • Explore family trees and connections to uncover more ways into an account, for both prospects and existing customers.
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Makes individual sellers and sales teams more effective

  • Quickly build a highly targeted list of qualified prospects from our database of 19 million companies and 100+ million contacts worldwide.
  • Customize your list using dozens of filters, including news, keywords, technographic data, and buyer intent signals, so you can engage the right buyers at the right moment with a relevant and valuable message.
  • Keep your account and contact data complete and up-to-date with one-click data sync, for more accurate targeting.

Measure the revenue impact of better sales data


Data coverage spanning 19 million companies and 100+ million decision-makers

Browser extension for immediate access to direct dials and email addresses

Integrated technographic data and buyer intent signals to zero in on prospects who are ready to buy what you sell

Watchlist email alerts to know when to reach out

News and social feeds for real-time updates on accounts and contacts

Mobile app (iOS) for on-the-go access to data and intelligence

Data visualization for faster, deeper insights

Tech Profiler to find new prospects based on technologies used – Learn More

Flexible delivery options: Embedded in CRM systems, browser extension, stand alone, or APIs

Dedicated customer success manager

List building to create targeted company and contact lists

Private connections network to show your own and your coworkers’ connections to prospects

Company profiles, including rich firmographics, demographics, and family trees

Integrations with all leading CRM platforms, including Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, SAP, Netsuite, SugarCRM, and more

One-click data sync with leading CRM systems

Access to InsideView support

Strict data usage policy—Your data is always and only your data

ISO-security certified

InsideView is the perfect blend of data plus functionality. With InsideView we get the types of contact titles we need plus granular filtering capabilities so we can build out targeted lists, for both companies and contacts.”

Andrew Valenti

Key Account Development Manager, Nestlé Waters

The InsideView Advantage

InsideView solutions are powered by the InsideView Platform, the industry’s most reliable, relevant, and rich source of B2B data and intelligence.



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InsideView Insights


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