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InsideView Data

Reach the Companies and Contacts with Purchasing Power

Marketing and sales teams, today, rely on data. They require current, actionable company and contact data to find leads, target campaigns, prioritize and engage with prospects, and ultimately win deals.

If you’re relying on the data in your CRM or Marketing Automation platform alone, you’re wasting time chasing bad leads and missing key opportunities. B2B data decays as much as 70.3% per year1 , and our clients tell us that as many as 85% of the leads they get are incomplete. What’s more, your reach is limited to the companies and contacts you already “know.”

High performance companies work with data providers who deliver current external company and contact data into their CRM and Marketing Automation applications. The question is, how do you choose the right data provider?

Choose The Data Platform You Can Trust

No data provider can promise you 100% accuracy. If they do, don’t trust them. So how do you choose a reliable data provider? You examine their methodologies, evaluate their accuracy, and expect technological leadership. Let’s see how InsideView stacks up.

InsideView employs a proprietary AI-based “MTV” methodology to gather, analyze, and validate data.

We gather our data from more than 40,000 editorial, news, financial, and social sources, including world-class vendors such as Thomson-Reuters, S&P CapIQ, and Equifax. Of equal importance, we employ multiple data creation and gathering methodologies, unlike a number of commercial data providers. This matters because each methodology has strengths and weaknesses. For example, crowd-sourcing produces a large volume of data, but tends to produce a lot of duplicate and stale records.

Triangulation is at the heart of InsideView’s algorithmic technology, which takes advantage of machine learning and text analysis to validate and make sense of conflicting structured and unstructured data. The essential premise of triangulation is that consensus among multiple sources is the best indicator of truth. The broader the agreement, and better the source, the more reliable the data. We pull data from thousands of sources, not simply to amass enormous amounts of data, but to triangulate each point to determine its validity and usefulness.

Triangulation is our primary means of validating data, as the most reliable way to automatically and continuously authenticate large volumes of data at scale. It’s the reason our data accuracy outperforms that of other data providers. Then we go one step better, providing an easy mechanism for users to flag inaccurate data points, which we verify before updating the official record.

A History Of Technology Leadership

InsideView was the first to gather data from multiple sources, and we are the only provider to use triangulation to validate data with human-like logic, at speeds humans could never touch. With several patents pending, we continue to innovate and lead the way.

Find The Companies You Need, Without The Clutter

With InsideView, you won’t get the world’s largest database of companies — not even close. And that’s intentional. Why? Because fewer than 10% of registered businesses worldwide have enough purchasing power to be relevant in most business-to-business commerce.

InsideView focuses on meaningful B2B targets, covering all publicly traded companies across the globe, and nearly all private companies in the U.S. and Europe with 5 or more employees. In other parts of the world, we cover most companies with 250 or more employees, and as reliable data becomes available, we continue to expand our pool, so you can extend your reach, with confidence.

Get To Decision-Makers Faster

We purposely focus our contact data on decision-makers and influencers, which means director level and above, with some lower level managers known to be key influencers. The point is to provide you with the right contacts, while saving you from having to sift through lists of irrelevant names. Because wasted time means wasted opportunities.

Increase Productivity Through Noise Reduction

Traditional data providers who promise “the most records” want you to believe more is better. Yet such large databases, filled with irrelevant records, decrease productivity, making it harder to find the businesses you want to do business with. InsideView is committed to reliability and relevance, only delivering active businesses and decision-makers with meaningful purchasing power.