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Leverage Relationships to Open Doors and Close Deals

Tap into InsideView’s Private Connection Cloud to discover and leverage more meaningful relationships than available on any other network.

Who you know matters in business. While response rates to cold calls and email are in the sub 10% range, leveraging relationships can boost those rates as high as 44% – 84%, depending on the strength of the relationship. What’s more, conversations initiated by a warm introduction are more productive, leading to more wins and shorter sales cycles.

Choose the world’s most comprehensive connections graph

Combine all your social, personal, and professional connections in one place from Outlook, Gmail, LinkedIn, reference customers, board memberships, education, and work history. When your colleagues do the same, you create the most comprehensive connections universe possible, unmatched by any social or professional network.

Protect your relationship capital

Some say relationship capital is a company’s most valuable asset. Yet some companies maintain their relationship graphs on social networks, publicly visible to all. With InsideView’s connections platform, your private relationships remain private and are never shared with anyone outside your company.

See connections and request introductions from within CRM

Discover how you’re connected to your prospects and customers, whether through personal, professional, or co-workers’ relationships. Then ask for a referral or start a conversation from within your CRM, referencing your shared connection.

Discover millions of connections around the world

Find how you’re connected to nearly 100 million decision makers at more than 19 million companies across the globe. Thousands of market-leading companies already trust InsideView’s connections network.

Trust the most reliable connections data

When you want to open a door or grab a prospect’s attention, it’s important to know you’re reaching out to the right person at the right company. InsideView’s contact accuracy is unsurpassed in the industry. When we reveal a connection between you or your colleague and an important prospect, you can have a high degree of confidence in that information.

“In the very first week, a meeting was secured through a connection surfaced by InsideView that turned into an $850 million account — the largest in the company’s history!” — O’Neal Steel