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InsideView Tech Profiler

Zero in on Prospects Based on Technology Used

If your solutions are aimed at specific technologies, you need to know who’s using them. Otherwise, every prospecting effort is a fishing expedition and every marketing campaign pours money down the drain.

Stop wasting time and precious budget chasing prospects who have no need for your solution. Try Tech Profiler instead. It empowers you to find new prospects and plan account strategies based on technologies they use, so your sales and marketing teams can work laser focused.

3200 Technologies

Tech Profiler tracks use of 3,200 front-end and back-end hardware and software technologies, spanning more than 100 tech categories. And the list continues to expand as the market demands and data becomes available. Sample names include:

  • Oracle Financial Services
  • Amazon Payments
  • Avaya Contact Center Management
  • EMC RecoverPoint
  • Xerox Document Management
  • Drupal Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Eloqua Marketing Performance Measurement

500,000 Global Accounts

Tech Profiler provides technology intelligence for our top 500,000 accounts across the U.S. and Europe, including small and mid-market enterprises as well as Fortune 1000

Flexible Access

Access Tech Profiler however you need, within InsideView Sales (account profiles), through InsideView Target (lists on demand), or with ultimate flexibility through the InsideView API (to custom build your own solutions).

Targeted Lists On Demand

Use InsideView Target to build prospect lists, filtered by the technologies they use, to execute focused marketing campaigns, find net new leads, and inform your territory planning.

Details Within Account Profiles

View tech installed details within your InsideView account profiles, where you have all the other data, insights, and connections you need to do account planning and pre-call research.