InsideView Refresh

Automatically Cleans Your CRM Data

Good clean data breeds good leads

Every B2B company faces the challenge of keeping their CRM data clean.

Prospect and customer data changes constantly – at a rate of about 70% per year.* So you waste time and resources on leads that won’t go anywhere. Yet, most businesses aren’t prepared to address the complexity of CRM data cleansing.

InsideView Refresh CRM cleaning replaces tired, deficient customer records with more current, complete ones, and feeds clean leads into your sales and marketing systems.

Keep your CRM data clean and current, automatically, with an integrated solution specifically for Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • Correct inaccuracies in your existing CRM database as often as needed
  • Identify and clean out duplicate CRM data records and cleanse false positives
  • Add missing fields of data to incomplete CRM records
  • Run an email validation for all your CRM contacts once annually
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Improve Sales Effectiveness

  • Better evaluate opportunities so teams prioritize what matters most
  • Plan territory sales more accurately with up-to-date firmographic data
  • Get more accurate account reports in Dynamics 365

Get more control over what happens in your CRM

  • Easily accept or reject changes on individual records or in bulk
  • Manage only the records you care most about, since not all records are created equal
  • Define which records are to be managed using a rules-based system with manual overrides
Increase your addressable market

  • With CRM cleaning and more reliable data, you’ll get a better picture of your target market, and can see where market expansions are possible.


  • Data coverage spanning 15M companies representing all major geographies
  • Schedule updates as often as daily, or update “on the fly”
  • Precisely define which records are managed
  • Create multiple segments, with rules that control the update behavior
  • Update your account records with up to 40+ fields of information

*Source, Biznology

  • Run an email validation once a year on all your CRM contacts
  • Control which records are managed, fields updated, and frequency of updates
  • Easily view updates, with data visualization
  • Export updates to a spreadsheet for granular data analysis
  • Embeds within Microsoft Dynamics 365 for a visually integrated interface
  • ISO-security certified