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Walk in like you know the place.

Informed sellers are effective sellers

Knowledge is the currency of sellers today. But becoming an expert on every prospect and multiple industries is extremely time-consuming. InsideView Sales embeds market intelligence directly into sellers’ daily workflow. Its task-based user experience optimizes the entire sales process, paving the way for smarter sellers and faster closers.

Get more great prospects

Connect with the right prospects

  • Tap tens of millions of companies and decision-makers globally
  • Initiate relevant conversations fueled by the right information at just the right moment in the sales process
  • Leverage colleagues’ networks for warm introductions

Accelerate sales through more relevant engagement

  • Understand customers’ company, industry, and competitors, to gain selling advantage
  • Track news and social activity of key companies and contacts to spot opportunities in real-time
  • Explore family trees and connections to uncover more ways in to an account

Zero in on prospects based on technologies they use, with Tech Profiler for InsideView Sales. Learn more.

start a conversation

Makes individual sellers and sales team more effective

  • Drive CRM adoption with market intelligence offered directly into sales workflows
  • Cut out hours of weekly research for every seller
  • Conduct more accurate territory planning

Stay informed while on the go with the InsideView Sales mobile app 

  • Quickly access information about the people and companies on your calendar
  • Stay current on organizations and decision-makers with mobile alerts
  • See and respond to social posts to remain top of mind with prospects and customers



  • Data coverage spanning 12+M companies and 30M decision-makers
  • Task-Based Interface designed around common sales workflows
  • WatchList email alerts to stay current on customers and prospects
  • News & Social Feed for real-time updates on accounts and contacts
  • Mobile App for on-the-go access to market intelligence
  • Data Visualization for faster, deeper insights
  • Flexible software delivery options: Embedded in CRM systems, stand alone, or APIs
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • ListBuilding to create targeted company and contact lists
  • Private Connections Network to show sellers’ and their coworkers’ existing connections to prospects
  • Company Profiles, including rich firmographic and demographic data
  • Integrations and one-click data synch with leading CRM systems
  • Access to InsideView support team
  • Strict data usage policy—Your data is always and only your data
  • ISO-security certified


B2B companies’ inability to align sales and marketing costs 10% or more of annual revenue.



Access basic company information and insights.

  • Access basic company data
  • Preview contacts
  • Track up to 10 companies
  • View personal connections



(per user/billed annually)

(10 license minimum)

Access basic company information and insights from within your CRM.

  • CRM Integration
  • Preview contacts
  • Track up to 50 companies or contacts
  • View personal connections



(per user/billed annually)

(5 license minimum)

Get complete company and contact details, track your target companies, get alerts about all key events, and share connections across your team.

  • Access complete company data
  • View full contact details
  • Track up to 1000 companies
  • View all coworker connections
  • Update data and add contacts to CRM
  • Build targeted lists with advanced filters
  • Export up to 500 contacts and 500 companies per month

The InsideView Advantage

InsideView solutions are powered by the InsideView Market Intelligence Platform, the industry’s most accurate, relevant, and rich source of market intelligence.

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