Market Intelligence embedded within SAP Cloud for Sales.

Give your SAP Cloud for Sales users a whole new selling experience.

InsideView Targeting Intelligence integrated into your SAP Cloud for Sales provides powerful benefits to sellers and sales leaders alike:

  • Integrated as a native mash-up within SAP Cloud for Sales, InsideView delivers relevant intelligence within every account view.
  • Clean, update, enrich and standardize existing CRM records by syncing with InsideView data
  • Find more opportunities for account growth and import associated account and contact data into SAP C4C in just a few clicks
  • Streamline and accelerate sellers’ research efforts
  • Drive sales productivity by improving data accuracy, reducing research time, increased lead conversions and win rates
  • Increase CRM adoption by offering sellers real-time data and insights

InsideView products natively integrated into SAP Cloud for Sales:

sales100InsideView Sales embeds targeting intelligence directly into seller’s daily workflow. Its task-based user experience optimizes the entire sales process, paving the way for smarter sellers and faster closers.

acctmgmt100InsideView Account Management gives account managers detailed, up-to-the-minute market intelligence to retain and grow your footprint with customers.

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InsideView within SAP Cloud for Sales

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