Insideview Target

The Shortest Distance Between You and Your Best Prospects.

InsideView Target

Target leads and prospects that look like your ideal customers

The challenge isn’t always whether the lead data you have is accurate and complete. It’s also whether you’re missing the right target leads and prospects altogether. InsideView Target greatly expands your universe of ideal prospects, providing highly customized lists of net new leads that look like your best customers.

Zero in on more ideal target leads

  • Define detailed buyer personas based on past success
  • Create highly targeted lead lists, filtering on dozens of criteria
  • Sharpen your lists using technographic data and buyer intent signals
  • Identify the right accounts and the right people
Zero in on more ideal target leads
InsideView US Map Addressable Market

Define your total addressable market

  • Expand your total addressable market (TAM) with customer look-alikes
  • Build new target prospect lists in other industries, geographies, or segments
  • Import targeted prospect lists into your marketing automation platform

Identify decision-makers within targeted accounts

  • Build high quality, hyper-targeted people lists
  • Customize your search based on demographics, firmographics, and business connections
  • Filter your lists based on business signals like buyer intent data, product launches, acquisitions, and executive appointments
Insideview Contact Levels
InsideView Targeted Prospect List

Build tailored prospect lists based on technologies used by your target leads, with InsideView technographic data.

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Filter-based list building for hyper-targeted prospect lists

Dynamic inline filters to further refine lists on the fly

Event-based list building based on pre-defined business triggers (news, press releases, etc.)

Integrated buyer intent data to zero in on prospects who are ready to buy what you sell

One-click data push and automated deduping for Eloqua, Marketo, and Salesforce users

Easy-to-import lists into other marketing automation and CRM systems

Trackable usage to see when lists were exported, how large they were, and how many credits were used

Strict data usage policy—Your data is always and only your data

ISO-security certified

Data coverage spanning 19M companies and 100M+ decision-makers

Data coverage spanning 19M companies and 71M decision-makers
InsideView Advantage

The InsideView Advantage

InsideView solutions are powered by the InsideView Platform, the industry’s most reliable, relevant, and rich source of B2B data and intelligence.



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