Sales Territory Planning:

Give Reps Richer Territories for Better Attainment

Accelerate revenue growth by identifying and targeting more of your ideal prospects, whether across town or across the globe.


Only 57% of reps make quota. Don’t let the rest hold you back from real growth.

Be in every deal you should be

Find more prospects that match your targeting criteria to expand your market without diluting your message. With sales territory planning and management, you can see the accounts you’re missing and start to actively capture more available sales territory, and revenue.

Prepare for success with better sales territory planning and management

Sales territory planning and management lets you discover where ideal prospects are and give every rep a greater shot at success. Plan sales territories based on sales triggers, firmographics, and events. Then give them the intelligence to engage with detailed contact profiles, demographics, news, social insights, and the industry’s most powerful connections network.

Cover your total total addressable market

Identify missing accounts in your target markets, then get them into your CRM system. Expand your opportunities and accelerate your growth with sales territory planning and management by targeting your entire addressable market, not just a sliver.