InsideView Data FAQs

How is InsideView different from other data/list providers and professional networking sites?

InsideView is the only B2B data provider to deliver the powerful combination of data, insights, and connections. We are more than a data provider; we are a technology platform that provides data and intelligence solutions to solve sales, marketing, and customer data management challenges. Our comprehensive B2B company and contact data is the most reliable in the industry, the result of our proprietary M-T-V methodology. And our Customer Success Program offers a single point of contact for implementation and support.

How does InsideView collect its data? What are the sources?

InsideView gathers its data, insights, and connections from more than 40,000 sources and 400 million company and contact records, using multiple data gathering methodologies to take advantage of the strengths of each. The data is curated from many different types of media: news, specialty data vendors, social media, web, crowd-sourcing, and more. Our reputable sources include: S&P Global Market Intelligence, Equifax, and Refinitiv (formerly Thomson-Reuters), Facebook, Twitter, InsideView user input, and many more.

How reliable is InsideView data?
InsideView’s data is the most accurate and reliable in the market, aggregated and validated from over 40,000 sources, using the industry’s most advanced methodology.
How does InsideView validate its data?
Our primary means of validating data is through triangulation, an AI-based algorithmic technology that compares multiple sources for each data point to determine accuracy. It’s the most reliable way to automatically and continuously authenticate large volumes of data at scale.

Triangulation is at heart of our proprietary MTV methodology, which produces the most reliable, relevant B2B company and contact data in the industry. MTV stands for multi-sourced, triangulated, and validated.

We then go one step better, providing an easy mechanism for users to flag and correct inaccurate data points, because no database can be 100% accurate in our world of constant change. Our editorial staff then verify the input before updating our official record.

How often does InsideView validate its company/contact data?

InsideView’s data is living and breathing. Some data updates happen in real-time, while others are dependent on the update frequency of the underlying data sources (daily, weekly, and monthly updates).  In addition, we validate email addresses every 30 days, whether or not we’ve received an update.

What if I find information I know is wrong?

While InsideView’s triangulation technology is the primary reason for our industry-leading data quality, no dataset can ever be 100% accurate. Data simply changes too fast. Which is why we provide a way for users to submit corrections or requests for research using a “Wrong Info” flag on every company and contact record.

Each flagged piece of data is hand-researched, validated, and augmented with additional data elements by an InsideView data expert.

What if I can’t find a company or contact I’m looking for?

InsideView is committed to delivering data, insights, and connections that are relevant for B2B commerce, while reducing data “noise.” To achieve that, we focus on providing contacts that are key decision-makers and influencers, and companies with five or more employees. Non-manager roles, very small businesses, branch offices, and franchises are generally not included in our data.

We deliver company and contact information for all public companies worldwide, and most private companies with five or more employees, with strongest coverage in the major world markets of the U.S. —  where we have 90% coverage and Europe.

Still, if you would like to add a contact or company (and are unable to find the company when you “view partner results”), you can do so easily by clicking on “Add Person” or “Add Company” and filling in the details. InsideView validates each submission before publishing.

Is InsideView’s data equally accurate around the globe?

The simple answer is yes.  InsideView delivers real-time information about B2B companies and contacts around the world. Relatively speaking, you will find more data from the U.S., Canada, and Europe than other regions of the world. This is because data sources from developing markets are relatively less mature, meaning there is less data available and what is available often doesn’t meet our standards for reliability. The result is that our data volume in these regions is lower, so quality can be maintained and you can have confidence in our data.

As new global data sources become available, we will continue to expand our coverage, when we can do so with confidence.

How does your company coverage compare to other data providers?

Did you know that less than 10% of the registered businesses in the world matter in B2B commerce? Some data providers boast about having the world’s largest database of companies, but InsideView delivers the companies that matter.

Traditional data providers are solving a different problem than we are. They’re addressing issues of credit risk, not sales and marketing productivity. As a result, they collect data on as many entities as possible to help identify the “businesses” you don’t want to do business with. Their databases include volumes of fictitious companies, legal (paper) entities, stale information, and other irrelevant, time-wasting records.

InsideView’s database is built specifically for sales and marketing, and has been since our inception.   That means we deliver only active businesses with meaningful purchasing power. We increase your productivity by reducing data noise. You’ll find a breakdown of our data coverage here.

How does your contact data compare to other data providers?

InsideView’s contact database is not the largest in the industry, and that’s intentional.  We focus on the contacts that matter decision-makers and key influencers so you can find the people you need, without having to sift through a lot of clutter.

This means we focus on CxO, VP, director, and board member titles, and will sometimes include managers and individual contributors who are thought to influence buying decisions.  Other databases often include as many contacts as they can find, which means you have to work through volumes of low level, duplicate, and outdated records to get to the ones you need.

InsideView increases your productivity by reducing data noise.  You’ll find a breakdown of our contact coverage here.

What value does InsideView’s data and intelligence provide versus what is freely available on the web?

Company research on the web is very time consuming. It can give you conflicting and inaccurate results, and is lacking many kinds of data we are able to gather from non-web sources. In addition, human research cannot keep up with today’s organizational changes and business issues, a problem we solve with our algorithmic technology that can do so in real-time. Bottom line: InsideView saves you time, provides more complete, reliable, relevant data and insights, and alerts you to business triggers, so you can take action in a confident and timely manner.  The result is larger, faster pipelines, more effective engagement, higher win rates, and increased revenue.